Super11 Asia Cup 2023 | Final | India vs Sri Lanka | Highlights

Published 2023-09-17
Super11 Asia Cup 2023 | Final | India vs Sri Lanka | Highlights

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  • @BadBoy-cb4fv
    My due respect to the Sri Lankan crowd they stayed and applauded the couple of boundaries even when it was all over for Sri Lanka. Something most of us Indians need to learn. 🙏🤝🙌

    Massive respect 🙏
  • @BadBoy-cb4fv
    Respect to the Sri Lankan crowd for their grace. They supported their them even when they didn't perform well. Respect from India 🇮🇳
  • That was magical spell from Md Siraj. It reminds of Glenn Mcgrath. Those are very difficult for a batsman to leave or play or defend. It happens in cricket. Huge respect for fans to support their players.
  • @imnoone8532
    Mad respect to fans who stayed in the stadium,well played sri lanka
  • My heart goes for Sri Lankans, love from India ❤ 🇮🇳🇱🇰
  • @sktalha6384
    Massive respect for Srilankan fans... They stayed till the end.

    True Fans !!!
  • @hamidwazir0772
    Appreciation button for M Siraj. What a spell. Congratulations to India ❤🎉
  • @pareeeque
    Massive respect to Sri Lankan fans...their support and spirit for their team will be remembered as much as the match, maybe even more
  • @BatfreakinMan
    many years ago, on the eve of Bhaiyadooj DIwali, Indian team got all out for 54 in the final against SriLanka. i was a kid back then and i literally cried that day. I always wanted that shameful memory to get erased from my mind, as a hardcore cricket fan i just wanted India to get back at SL the same way.
    but, This still doesnt make us even because that time we had our best team playing and we still lost badly by 245 runs. I vividly remember Sunil joshi dropping Sanath and then he went on a carnage and destroyed our bowling.
    but now i understand why cricket is called a great equilizer. so cherish your victories but stay graceful towards your opponents. Srilankan fans behaved very maturely and their spirit is amazing!!
  • @faiyazshaikh289
    Respect button for Indian players who gave their winning prizes to Shrilankan ground staffs.🇮🇳❤🇱🇰
  • @arnab4utube
    While watching the game I was literally having my thoughts in guessing how to applaud them whoever does the job of producing a highlight by trimming a match that itself was short & tiny. Terrific job guys.

    Keeping light moments to rest, I must say, a brilliant performance by Siraj and Team INDIA💙 and applause for Sri Lanka as 1 bad day doesn't erase the positives that took you to final. Good luck for CWC23 and we welcome you all. Swagatam🙏
  • @user-tc9fr8pr8m
    Actual match itself was like a highlights.. Mohd Siraj's unforgettable day 🇮🇳
  • This is a match to be remembered forever from all the aspects done by Indian crickets.
  • As a Indian I am very proud of my Indian Cricket team, Dillse Salute.
  • @user-tc9fr8pr8m
    Massive respect for the Sri Lankan people and the SLC Board for hosting us with respect and dignity. You people have a great team, just stick with them for a while and they will take you back to the times of Arjuna, Murli, Sangakkara, Vaas, Malinga, and Jayasurya.
  • @FreeEagle-zh7js
    Even I as an Indian fan feels sorry for Sri Lanka.. It's a victory for us, but somehow I can't find that level of excitement, because we weren't challenged.. I don't know if it was because of Sri Lanka's incompetence or our superiority.. Congrats to us though.. At least this group of players finally knew how to win a final..
  • @pra-minvlog9494
    Actual match itself was like a highlights.. Mohd Siraj's unforgettable day🏆🇮🇳
  • @colambage3612
    hi, i am a Sri Lankan, what my concern is that i am extremely proud of my country since they came to the final defeating so many tournaments but unluckily, we lost the final. any way we should have more responsible when we see the balling style and the pressure when we get from Indian team. at lease the rest of the batters should have been able to stay in the wicket without going for shots with carelessly. i mean at least when the wickets come down to 3 and 04 we should have batting patiently taking a break in order score more and more to come out of the pressure. i feel we lost the game bcs of not managing the batting style when the pressure comes in. i love, my country Sri Lanka and wish all the best my Neighbour India.
  • @warriorx86
    Massive shoutout to Sri Lankan groundsmen who worked very hard throughout the Asia Cup