Waylon Jennings in Concert (1983)

Published 2017-06-09
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  • @dre1x
    greatest lyric ever written: "be careful of something that's just what you want it to be"
  • @jerrybroxson6226
    In my opinion he was the best , he never cared about fame or fortune, just wanted to play his music for us. Went broke 3 times and payed backed everyone he owed
  • Waylon you are one fine good looking man I listen to your songs all the time R.I.P. we love you and miss you my friend.
  • @mbella9777
    2023 and till this day nobody will ever be able to sing or play guitar like you! Your voice is irreplaceable.
  • @randydawe6786
    I first heard him at age 12 seen him twice and never to this day heard anyone like him and now I'm 58 G.O.A.T.
  • @jopete681
    Sometimes i run down the road in old Peterbilt and I wish I could go back to this area in time. Hell I was not born until 1984. Sometimes I feel i was born in the wrong era! Where did the morals and strong men go from yesteryear and blue-collar work, was a great skill and work boots, and blue jeans, and a flannel shirt was the norm! I guess growing up farming,welding, and working on your own stuff, loving the Lord formed the man i am today ! Technology can not replace those things! Wake up world! The simple life is more rewarding than the illusion the tv and the internet portray!
  • There have and are many good country singers but no one better than WAYLON JENNINGS!!!
  • @lylelambie8895
    He had special kind of that country voice he is awesome ❤
  • @TheEanda3946
    My husband loved Waylon way back when we listened to records on a stereo! Still love him even though Hubby is gone!
  • @keithwaynejones
    can’t beat that old outlaw country… waylon, hank jr, charlie daniel, johnny, willie, george jones
  • LOVE his voice and his guitar playing. He was awesome and his music will always stand the test of time. 😜
  • Best Waylon style songs ever sung by the man. 'Got my name painted in my shirt, i aint an ordinary man, dont have to work'...woop woop. But he did nonstop. Her was a genius. Luved Waylon. A free spirit & style. Class act.
  • @brandon779
    He’s on my Mount Rushmore of country music artists for sure!
  • The real mccoy right here folks. Waylon was an awesome picker, singer, songwriter, and a genuine, loving person. ☺💜👍
  • @joyrussell675
    Love his style, his Jessi, his band, his songs,his brown eyes and handsome and his attitude. He is a legend in my book, thank you Waylon for your songs, rip, from AZ.
  • @carolynridlon3988
    He was a great favorite of mine. He so reminds me of my father in law (especially since Waylon & "Pop" were related to each other (2nd cousins from poor families in West Texas!) ❤❤❤
  • @79tazman
    Good ol' Waylon and Ralph those guys are legends of Country music
  • @loriharju3284
    I just love his country style ❤ been his fan for years, best wishes Waylon!!