I Spent 30 Hours in Pokemon Scarlet, Here's What Happened...

Published 2022-11-17
I played Pokemon Scarlet and Violet for 30 hours. Here are the highlights, glitches, story and goofy moments of my adventure.
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All Comments (21)
  • TactlessC
    I love Dudunsparce. It's like a troll to people who want Dunsparce to evolve into some kind of majestic dragon like it does in a number of fangames. Shit's hilarious.
  • Little Heck
    I'm new to the channel but I wish I had found him sooner. His dry humor, the roasting of his peers, the commentary about random things, his genius fight strategies.... I love it. May his family find comfort in this sad time :-(
  • Kit does stuff
    I'll be playing the game tomorrow but I cannot resist the urge to watch you play it. This is just so beautiful
  • Emily An
    Not gonna lie, Tinkaton is appearing to be my favorite from this gen. Can't wait to start playing it tonight.
    Can't wait for the pain Keegan will experience in challenges.
  • BiBaridactalys
    I’ve been watching a lot of playthrough videos of the game and I’m surprised how much more difficult it is for them…. Then I realized it’s easy for me because I grinded till my starter was 2nd evo before I even went after the first titan, and when I tried my first gym I one shot every Pokémon lol
  • Hoai cong
    We could always count on ethan to throw and give us these priceless moments
  • Yuki Kazeko
    I picked Fuecoco and instantly regreted it. I got a Quaxly sometime later, thinking it was the pick I should of made all along. Wasn't happy. Finally giving in, I got ahold of a little green Neko... and questioned why I was agent this starter from its introduction. Not only is it the fastest and it's signature move always crits... BUT IT'S ALSO BIPEDAL! The thing everyone was fearing was something I was hoping for.

    ...and when you realize it's HA, you're in for a good time. >:)

    Since, in a sense, I chose all 3: I also pressed that magical like button and subscribed , because... how am I not already? I keep finding your videos and enjoying them.
  • Kedo
    Crazy how things can go from a yiff joke to a well written emotional ending. Well done and I can't wait to see the end of this arc. :-(
  • nikuchan
    Tinks line hands down MVP-mon of Gen 9. I always appreciate more physical fairy-types, but this little menace to society takes it up a notch by being the sleep paralysis demon to the entire Corviknight line. The Pokedex says they put the birds out of a job cause they kept getting shot at by these trolls and I had to reach for my inhaler when I first read that.

    I need to bring these girls to Galar.
  • zfg hbs4124
    absolutely love it, the suspence before you get to 0 players ahead of you, heartbreaking knife twisting server disconnects, relaxing and almost meditational waiting on the loading screen - all of this is so ground breaking, a true anthem to minimalism, just one single loading animation, counter, muted grey background and a logo of the game, what a masterpiece!
  • Emily An
    looking at these new pokemon starters, I feel like choosing a grass type for my first time
  • sabertooth1980
    "And it turns out that the professor is actually a robot with an evil AI that want you to battle and defeat it!"

    That part actually threw me for a loop.
  • 1ro
    I really enjoy your video. Instant sub

    And really a big thanks to put a big smile on my face
  • Moonlight Sparks
    At 24:13 he ran riiiiight by a shiny. Don’t know if anyone else saw that but I died laughing when I saw that
  • Branden Carson
    I love how he can never disappoint us with his content
  • Liam T
    hehe, i love watching these videos. keep up the awesomeness.
  • Pl4zma Speedy
    you should have used salt cure with naclstack. Its an op move
  • Gem
    I want to watch it... But I don't want to be spoiled 😭

    Edit: why are some people so hostile just cuz I said I don't want to be spoiled? It's my opinion, I'm literally a grown woman just not wanting to get spoiled on a game I like. I don't care if "it's the same story over and over". The mechanics, the characters, the Pokemon, the basic plot, ect, they can all be different. It's a nostalgic franchise to me since the Sinnoh region. So please, stop being so hostile twords each other and twords me for having a basic opinion. Have a good day or night. Though I highly doubt some of you have a good life since you wish to get so hostile with me just saying "I don't wanna get spoiled" on a freaken game.