I Spent 30 Hours in Pokemon Scarlet, Here's What Happened...

Published 2022-11-17
I played Pokemon Scarlet and Violet for 30 hours. Here are the highlights, glitches, story and goofy moments of my adventure.
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  • @kitdoesstufflmao
    I'll be playing the game tomorrow but I cannot resist the urge to watch you play it. This is just so beautiful
  • @AreyemMeyera
    New subscriber here. I like your humor. Your jokes are fast paced coupled with good editing, you managed to cramp a 30 hour long journed to just under an hour without leaving out important scenes.
  • @kedo
    Crazy how things can go from a yiff joke to a well written emotional ending. Well done and I can't wait to see the end of this arc. :-(
  • I liked the video. Yes the first time I played through Paldea in Pokémon Violet I chose Fuecoco. When the starters were revealed I immediately fell in love with the derpy Fire Croc. It honestly got even cuter in the middle with the adorable nest and egg on its head as Crocalor. The final evolution Skelederge is so badass and Torch Song is just an INSANELY AWESOME SIGNATURE MOVE! Honestly it’s as cool as all of the Alolan starters signature moves. All four of those Moves just look absolutely astonishing and have a great secondary effect, (trapping the opponent with Sinister Arrow Raid, ignoring Defense buffs with Darkest Lariat, getting rid of a burn is helpful for your side in Doubles with Sparkling Aria, and of course Tirch Song raises Special Attack making Skelederge an absolute monster of a Special Attacker.)
  • @kevlap017
    i like that the gym leaders use one pokemon that isn't their type but terastalise to their type. The levitating electric mismagius and the hilarious real grass type sudowodo are clever. makes battles less easy and more entertaining thematically
  • @nitemare32
    15:56 I love this scene, it turned arven from an annoying jerk into my number 1 priority while playing
  • @manavsaboo9610
    Can't wait for the pain Keegan will experience in challenges.
  • @LusidDreamer
    I’ve been watching a lot of playthrough videos of the game and I’m surprised how much more difficult it is for them…. Then I realized it’s easy for me because I grinded till my starter was 2nd evo before I even went after the first titan, and when I tried my first gym I one shot every Pokémon lol
  • Keegans"ah piggy"at the beginning made me burst out laughing 😂😂😂
  • @littleheck1
    We could always count on ethan to throw and give us these priceless moments
  • @pkswag2424
    Good job on picking the right starter👍
  • @TactlessC
    I love Dudunsparce. It's like a troll to people who want Dunsparce to evolve into some kind of majestic dragon like it does in a number of fangames. Shit's hilarious.
  • @littleheck1
    I'm new to the channel but I wish I had found him sooner. His dry humor, the roasting of his peers, the commentary about random things, his genius fight strategies.... I love it. May his family find comfort in this sad time :-(
  • @CthulhuDarkLord
    Watching your playthrough it's so similar to my Violet playthrough. Like not just in what order you did things, but your reactions. Particularly to the car hahaha. I remember thinking "ok... Did I fall asleep and I'm dreaming?" haha
  • @lizzyspaws1272
    I picked spigatito because of the fact he was so happy during the run 😭 It was a great choice though because he pulled through for me so many times 💀
  • I always like this video nomatter how many times I watch it and how I'm feeling keep it up bro❤❤
  • @jaquanrt
    looking at these new pokemon starters, I feel like choosing a grass type for my first time
  • @weirdentity4192
    If anyone didnt know, once you catch a pokemon
    Every time you attempt to capture that same pokemon after that it will be caught with a critical capture, that does not entail it wont fail though
    Youll know if you fail the catch by not getting the crit capture animation :)
    But if you do get crit capture, you know you caught it
    just a fun fact!
  • @Wargulf2838
    you made a fun and wholesome experience out of a game that annoyed, saddened, bored me and made me wince harder than pokemon insurgence, good job.