100 Days Of Building!

Published 2021-08-05
We found some of the most insane builds that were made from scratch! The ones you'll see towards the end are wild lol

Internet Survival
   • Building an Amazing Ancient Mud Hot T...  

Primitive Survival
   • Build Underground Swimming Pool Water...  
   • Build Stone Roman Temple By Ancient S...  
   • Build Swimming Pool Water Slide Aroun...  
   • [ Full Video ] Building Two Story Vil...  

Penny M.
   • Ohio Amish Barn Raising - May 13th, 2...  

Primitive Technology
   • Primitive Technology: Bow and Arrow  
   • Build Underground Tunnel Water Slide ...  

   • How to build a Treehouse FULL Time la...  


Art Creation
   • Video  

Primitive Technology Idea
   • Unbelievable! Build The Underground S...  

Overthehill outdoors
   • How I Build an Igloo by Myself  

   • Homemade Waterslide  

Primitive Building
   • Building Technologically Modern Bambo...  
   • Build Warships Villa And Swimming Poo...  

Woodness Goodness
   • I built a Cabin in 2020 - Start to Fi...  

Pretty Hate Machining
   • Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Buster...  

Building Technology
   • Build Most Modern Underground House w...  

I Like To Make Stuff
   • How to make a secret door / bookcase ...  


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All Comments (21)
  • @vesh
    Imagine walking into the woods and just seeing a massive house with a pool
  • @SaMmY31
    Chandler: from janitor to best friend
    Karl: from cameraman to best friend
    Tereq: waiting for his time
  • A week in the woods with no supplies so fun to try out. I'd be down to do it
  • I love Jimmy and Chris's enthusiasm for what they are seeing

    what ever happened as Jimmy went from 13 to them being 26 and 21 man a huge change from what I've been seeing
  • @isatutimbo3675
    Fact: They use machine to dig all those holes in the wild
  • @fnwaheeb8697
    I love how Chris always talks about him being a Dad now.
  • @hamzb_7318
    Congrats on hitting 10 mil, you definitely deserved it.
  • @sinhtv92
    Những công trình tuyệt vời quá ❤❤❤❤❤
  • @katnip266
    These types of videos of people making stuff in the woods are always, usually, supercool. It was all that was on my Facebook feed for a while.
  • @AntiGoogleEmpire
    If you guys were building a house by instructions of someone and give it to that poor guy that would be hilarious 😂
  • Congrats on 10mil to Jimmy and his whole crew !!!! Another play button to the collection :D
  • I love when they’re insulting dads, and they realize that Chris is a dad 😂
  • I love TA Outdoors. They are awsome. They make super neat stuff and a good wholesome man and his father
  • @user-gv4xk6bw7j
    Imagine walking into the Woods and justo
    seeing a massive house with a pool
  • @SpacedOutNoDoubt
    This makes me want to have a tree house but underneath the tree house a want a cabin that has a hidden underground room that is accessed through a bookshelf. Thanks Jimmy and Chris 😂
  • @user-gh1mv6uo8f
    Большинство построек сделанные не вручную а с применением техники.
  • @khushimodi5420
    Congratulations Jimmy for 10 million another diamond play button ❤
  • @Dracorius
    This is awesome stuff man! I love these videos!