Ghost of Tsushima: What You Need to Know!

Published 2020-07-04
#GhostofTsushima #SuckerPunch #PS4

Ghost of Tsushima is Sucker Punch’s and Sony’s next big IP for the PS4 but what do you need to know about it? In this video I cover what you need to know before you buy it from it’s story, it’s gameplay mechanics, customization, difficulty settings, photo mode, release date and much, much more! Wondering if Ghost of Tsushima will be the type of game for you? Look no further!

Intro: 0:00
Story/premise: 0:16
Gameplay: 0:54
Resolve Meter: 1:45
Customization: 2:01
Omamori Charms: 2:26
Waypoints: 2:44
Karma system: 3:22
Difficulty: 3:49
Audio options & filters: 4:12
Photo mode: 4:37
Release date & Platforms: 4:55
Game length: 5:22
Endscreen: 5:47

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  • @ProjectGamerYT
    What are your thoughts on Ghost of Tsushima so far? Do you think it will be Sony's next big exclusive or a bit of a disappointment?
  • @Dazza768
    I'm very happy to hear there are difficulty settings and dual audio it just proves how much effort SP has put into this.
  • @CaptureReviews
    This game has huge potential and looks gorgeous. I like the tactical side of things; how you attack/changing stances in order to fight certain foes. This looks like a hell of a game
  • @MrSaintJake
    You know, I didn't have thought about this game, but damn after watching your video, I'm very interested now. Especially, with the authentic Japanese with subtitles and able to switch to b&w. Yeah, this is looking good. Good Stuff Dude! 👊🍻
  • @sahinkcv
    great content man, subscribed ^^
  • @ross_1014
    Great video, this game has beautiful art design