Bolsonaro: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Published 2022-09-25
John Oliver discusses Jair Bolsonaro, how he’s run Brazil as president, how far he might go to maintain power after the upcoming election, and, of course, nunchucks.

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All Comments (21)
  • eponymousIme
    Props to John Oliver for learning a routine involving both speaking Portuguese and using nunchucks at the same time.
  • Stevie Valour
    To the Brazilians here, don't be embarrassed. Political fanaticism is on the rise everywhere and in general it's a really bad time for democracy rn 💔 sending hugs and strength from the Philippines
  • SukoSeiti
    Quite funny that HBO didn't allow this to be available on HBO MAX in Brazil, hilarious in fact.
  • Rejane Florinda
    I am watching this one day after the elections. Lula won by an uncomfortable small margin. I am so worried about all of the threats and the subsequent unrest that could come out of this situation. But I am glad that you tried to speak Brazilian Portuguese and you did not hurt yourself with the nunchucks.
  • APJ TV
    Update: Bolsonaro has now been confirmed to have been beaten for re-election. I wish people of Brazil good luck.
  • RubberDucky
    I feel like John must be the only British man to have ever spoken Portuguese while swinging nunchucks around.
  • As a Brazilian, it's nice to see how people react to our country. But It's also kind of like watching Michael's Toots episode. It's a mixed feeling of all different types of embarrassment.
  • Alguém precisa legendar isso urgente em português, para mostrar aqui no Brasil pela internet, já que foi censurado na HBO.
  • The last bit was intended to be funny, but as a Brazilian I definitely couldn't stop the tears! Thanks for the support and widespread of our worries here!
  • LarsaXL
    The most surprising thing in this video is that John didn't hurt himself when he did the nunchuck segment. Well done.
  • Araza119
    Here after Lula won! I'm not Brazilian, but it definitely feels like a weight lifted off my shoulders
  • Iván Chocrón
    Please make this video available with Portuguese subtitles so that people in Brazil can send it to each other!
  • Laura
    não fazia ideia de que a situação do brasil era tão difundida lá fora. às vezes eu esqueço que nosso país é enorme e importante
  • Evan Dipasquale
    Well done to the Brazilian people voting out bolsonaro.
  • Ryan Gabriel
    não sei se eu fico triste ou feliz, porque achei o programa muito bom
  • Trash Kitty
    as a brazilian, i fucking loved this, laughed my ass out at most of the jokes, its tragically funny looking at the state of our country now, i hope things turn out fine
  • La Maga
    Da Argentina, força irmãos. estamos com você :)
  • I love this episode, I hope that Bolsonaro lose for the sake of the Amazons, and I also hope nothing bad happen to the brazilian people.