The Best Perk Synergies For The New Exotic Class Items (All Classes)

Published 2024-06-12

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  • @dando_5000
    Much appreciated Tiz, was rolling through Salvations Edge yesterday and was telling the team I was with to peep your vids, cause honestly man you’ve got something really freaking good going here! Your breakdowns are awesome!
  • @thecaptain9496
    Consecration + Spirit of Contact + Glacier Grenade = elemental nuclear bomb
  • @limitlessXIV
    For warlocks, I’m really surprised you didn’t talk about Spirit of Osmionancy I was yeeting storm grenades everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE
  • @SerDinoOfficial
    Once you get your first drop of the Exotic Class Item, it has a small chance of also dropping from any chest in the Pale Heart. I got 1 while farming Overthrow activities & another from one of the chests at the end of a Focused-Coop Mission with some friends.
  • @thecaptain9496
    they really need to make thruster synergize with Spirit of Abeyant and Horn, imagine how fun it would be to run a setup where you dash at enemies and send solar/strand waves forward while you close the gap to melee, it would add such a fun extra layer to Titan’s aggressive playstyle
  • @javelin2075
    Spirit of Osmiomancy says that grenades recharge quicker on hits, not necessarily cold snaps either. Depending on how much grenade recharge you get back, it could be good to pair with Spirit of Verity on warlock
  • @YoboSenpai
    IMO as a warlock nothing really stood out besides apo+variety but after making my Getaway build nothing will top that if anything I’d swap it in for boss dps
  • @iamProHeid
    Thank you for these video’s! Your video’s really helped me get better at Destiny! Curious for the new titan build video!
  • @talion4033
    I literally got a inmost + wormhusk cloak from a chest while listening to this. The idea of the dodge/melee becoming the ultimate panic move is pretty nice for general play. Especially when I can just swap off to nighthawk with still hunt for damage.
  • @carterhalo255
    You can use spirit of scorch with thruster. The key word changes when you equip it
  • @digitaldogs233
    Cool, another vid for the vault. Thankyou 🙏✌️👍🏻
  • @nickalso813
    Can confirm that Spirit of Contact works with Consecration. Got a class item with Inmost Light and Contact and it is crazy good. The jolt kills so fast on its own that I have trouble proc’ing heavy handed for an orb lol it’s a crazy good combo
  • @piecesoshadows
    Got an inmost light+coyote drop, and with shuriken and gun powder gamble you have 6 ability charges (2 each) and with the right mods/set up its almost near infinite uptime on abilities and a really fast transcendence charge. Interestingly though, gun powder gamble counts as an ability for the empowerment but not a "grenade final blow". So the fragment that gives you cure on grenade final blows doesn't work with it, at least from what I've seen in my gameplay. Don't really know if it's endgame viable yet, but its very fun.
  • @ryanacheson3975
    Grapple grenade counts as a grenade kill everytime you get a grapple melee kill from it so it can upgrade your grapple damage with Spirit of Verity which actually could be crazy since it already has a great damage output.
  • @Hoyochii
    Had a question regarding double rift perks (Spirit of the Stag + Spirit of Vesper) + healing rift + Facet of Protection, would you theoretically be able to create a mostly invincible rift?
  • What would you say is the best combo for the build you posted with felwinters helm? Edit: my bad, wrote before watching the warlock segment What do you think about necrotic + synthos?
  • @donbouchard7114
    I'm trying to see a possible warlock combination that will be better than the getaway artist, constant arc and stasis turret/devour/amplified build, and I'm just not seeing it!
  • @DustinBlaise
    What's nice is when you complete the quest and get your first class item, you can farm it anywhere in the paleheart. You can get it from opening any chest in the region. It's a low chance and thus won't get in every chest opening but I just open chests as I'm farming the Overthrow for the Sword and have gotten class items from opening random chests, boss chests and even have gotten it alongside an Ergo Sum Sword. You do need to do the quest at least once per character but after that, you don't have to replay it unless you want a 100% guaranteed class item drop.
  • @CapsFan
    Can confirm Starfire and Filaments feels amazing. Nearly infinite up time on Helion and Bleak Watcher.