We Added a New Bedroom to Our Cabin

Published 2023-09-17
We've turned our 2 bedroom cabin in the woods into a 4 bedroom dream home 🥰 You can thrift my picks at tdup.co/BEC and use my code BEC for an extra 40% off and free shipping on your first order. (Offer expires 11/1/23. Applies to US and Canada customers only and only applicable to select merchandise. See site for full terms). This video is sponsored by thredUP!

0:00 welcome to our cabin
0:45 the renovation plan!
4:07 installing a wall & door
12:52 the truth about Bec 😢
15:09 maternity try-on haul
17:30 nothing is level 😱
20:54 a little "art" project
23:33 DAY 5
26:04 we love a flat pack 👍
30:55 room reveal!!

Back in 2020, Eamon & Bec bought this rundown cabin in the Canadian wilderness to make a family home and create a cozy home base. We are so proud of how far we've come with this (mostly) DIY project and couldn't be happier to be raising a beautiful new baby out here in the woods. Is there honestly anything better than being in nature, getting your toes in the dirt and swimming in Canadian fresh water lakes? The only dilemma is that this cabin is barely big enough for the the 3 of us.... let alone the many guests and additional family members that we like to host as well.

Join us this week as we turn our empty loft space into a beautiful guest bedroom. We think it's so cozy and inviting that we might even move up there!!

#cabininthewoods #roomrenovation #loftdesign

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  • @eamonandbec
    If you were to come visit the cabin which bedroom would you want to stay in?!
  • @phinephilm
    Always a bonus to have Bob make a cameo appearance. 💖
  • @clq2461
    It was super nice of you to provide a door for your daughter to slam when she gets mad at you. 😁

    Super cute and I love what you did with that space.
  • I love that you guys can build anything from scratch no problem, but putting together a pre made bench seems like rocket science 😂 the room turned out beautifully and Oso helping is always so cute 🥰
  • I always get nervous when Eamon starts a project with seemingly no plan, and then you actually notice an energy shift in him and he pulls it all together. He really does amazing work, love the loft.
  • @sefacly
    Ugh it’s so nice seeing Bec happy and healthy and thriving!!! The human body really is something else, as is the mind!
  • @Little-Acorn
    I would love a video exclusively of Oso doing all the things he knows he shouldn’t do, but also knows he’s 100% cute enough to get away with 😂 that cardboard sneak grab was pure skill
  • You guys keep on blowing my mind with what you can achieve, it's so inspiring!! Although it's been a while now, I've never said anything about how happy I am for you guys to have Oso. He really fits in perfect and I can already picture him being such a good big brother. His goofy personality is just like yours.
  • @violet-fl9ve
    I don't know if it would be worth your time or not, but I would love to see a "full cabin remodel" type video where you show all the renovations you've done over the years compiled into one video, with all of the before/after's.

    Love your vids and vibes and wishing you all the best 💜
  • Dude Oso is a such a freaking character & as always beautiful job on the bedroom makeover! Chefs kiss 😘. Sending love to your little family❣️
  • @Gjheexhigddc44
    I love that when you do a project the whole thing is finished in one episode. 🙌🏻
  • @Justmichy1
    Amazing bedroom transformation!!! The room looks so cozy, your guests will never want to leave!!!
  • you are so lucky to have Oso, I hope he always is a part of your family even after the baby, he's going to be so good with kids
  • @bellavita3097
    Yes, you should have the twin fan pushing the hot air out all summer long plus it’s better for ventilation
  • This makes me happy. I went from one video where she wasn't sure what the future would hold with a cancer diagnosis to this one where she is looking beautiful, healthy, and carrying life inside of her. Best way to start my morning.
  • @haley.ann78
    I think with all of these updates on the cabin, we need an updated house tour!! You guys inspire me so much, I strive to be as raw, emotional, and positive as you guys! <3
  • As a fellow cancer survivor, I love seeing Bec and her belly grow and be so healthy. I unfortunately am older and also had to have a hysterectomy because my cancer was hormone positive. But, I have 2 beautiful girls and will wait for granbabies to spoil one day. You both bring me joy, and love being on this journey with you both.
  • It is always astounding to know of a baby’s response to music in utero! That’s so cool! Happy nesting (and enjoy your new buddy Oso!) (Edited to add you both inspired today’s DIY - thank you!)