Mario: The Infamous History of Level 5-2

Published 2023-09-16
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All Comments (21)
  • @BRKsEDU
    Between this and the recent Wave Race 64 discoveries I wonder how many records and techniques that we never realized were / are being used abroad without us knowing.
  • Summoning Salt the type of guy to make 1 framerule of timesave seem like the culmination of everything humans have achieved throughout our millions of years of history
  • The whole "Devil's Spell" thing is a good example of how a lot of things aren’t known to Western players because of the language barrier with Japanese communities. Now there is some more collaboration but in general, it still happens quite often.
  • @ryanwalker1593
    Niftski's excitement is why i love watching these videos. These guys work for years on these runs and yo see a guy nail it is just impressive. Good work Salt. You have yet to disappoint us with a video.
  • @Harrery
    How you can make an incredible video about a 30 second level in a game that 99% of people haven’t played and it still be amazing is incredible in itself, congrats.
  • Niftski is literally unbelievable. I’m so glad that when I started watching SMB1 speedruns he just entered the scene with his first WR and since then I’ve witnessed greatness firsthand
  • @I_Am_Online
    I really like how he realized that a lot of his viewers know whats a framerule is and was just, "Let's have a little bit of fun."
  • @Wyattporter
    I feel like the production really stepped up a level in this video. There was a lot more comedic edge. If this is a sign of the direction of the channel, I’m on board. Great work as always
  • A concept: TAS2MIDI, a tool that converts the button presses to MIDI drum sounds as an artistic aural understanding of what's happening during the run. You can compare the sounds of a true TAS against the world records over time to see the complexity in timing needed as progress was made.
  • @Fallub
    Crazy how close we have become to TAS levels of runs. Great video. Very entertaining as usual.
  • @blueyandicy
    This is easily one of your best videos. The way you play on channel tropes to the Bismuth reference makes it feel like one of your normal professional videos with your own personality spin on it, and I adore it.
  • @Egglicks7
    I just have no idea about any of this but gosh, you really do make some art with these videos. The way that you build up the story and explain all the pieces in parts without it being boring and then that final run at the end just hits home. I’ve got goosebumps.
  • Two videos in less than a month is an unbalievable gift we will gladly appreciate
  • 4:24 The sudden change from the usual synthwave to Hall Of the Mountain King just feels surreal
  • Summoning Salt usually takes a while to release new videos, but in return, his new videos are always masterpieces. It's odd to see him release a new video less than a month after his previous one, but I'm not complaining.
  • Still love to see runner reactions to a sick run. Reminds me of being a kid again and finally beating a boss you’ve been grinding.
  • 14:33 Imagine spending tens of thousands of hours practicing every movement and mastering every skip to become one of the greatest Super Mario Bros players of all time only for some random dude on Discord to say "Bro, why are you using the slower method?"
  • I just wanted to say I watch every one of your videos that comes out. I don't speed run personally, but the videos you make are always so intresting and keep me engaged the entire video. Thank you for the many years of great videos, you deserve everything you have worked so hard for!
  • @aukora129
    As Kosmic once said "It came about the same way new tricks usually do in these games: one day we just decided we're gonna do what the TAS does"