I Customized A $1,000,000 Pool!

Published 2021-11-13

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  • @ZHCYT
    Subscribe if you haven’t already and I will be sending 3 of you 1 of 1 custom iPad pros!!
  • @YouTube
    now THAT is how you customize a pool 🤩
  • @maryam.k5537
    This pool is like legit amazing I love the art pees😊
  • @Stargazer350
    I like when Jake says "Work Hard Play Hard" in the video
  • @asianpanda888
    Jake: Am I in trouble? The girls: Yes! Hahahahahaha
  • @Scythe1M
    Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment! 🏆
  • @Grahala
    ZHC is one of my favorite YouTubers I watch all of the videos and watch them over and over again I just love the theme and and the kindness put in to it!!!
  • @a.is.for.averie
    Zach: no filming to worry about also Zach: *is literally filming*
  • @glooorian
    Zach: No filming, no youtbe to worry about. Just relaxing. Also Zach: (currently filming)
  • @Jilly893
    The way at the end when you guys talked jake I trying to swim I’ll save you made me laugh hard
  • @user-lu3ru3oq8j
    When I saw it, I was exhausted because it looks so good and I watched it five times. It looks so amazing and I love your art. Good night.🎉
  • the fact that he had to start this 1month ago , then the instant influencer series and as well as art competitions in ZHC CRAFTS channel.... keep it up Zach ... we support u !!!!!!!!!!