Randy Travis Latest Song Causes Controversy

Published 2024-05-06

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  • THE HELL WITH THE HATERS!!!!!! Leave the man alone and let him keep making music. The expressions on his face pretty much tells you that he is happy in the studio. Me personally i like the song even though it involves AI.
  • People need to get over it! The joy on Randy's face is amazing!
  • @BirdieSenpai
    Randy can no longer sing. Randy was shown a way that he can still create music with his voice. Randy is happy. That's all there is to it. It's a very specific circumstance and I, for one, am glad to see one of my heroes so happy with it.
  • Let Randy Travis do whatever he wants. He's a very sweet person, let the song Be out there for his sake
  • Let Randy get back into music in WHATEVER way he is able. There are SO many "artists" that lipsync, don't write their songs, and use computers to make "their" voices sound better than they actually are. Let the man enjoy music in his way. At least nobody from his side of things is trying to lie about what they're doing
  • Sadly if your not walking in his shoes don't judge as long as they are saying how it was made enjoy the song its beautiful cant even image the heartache of what the wonderful artist he was and had to loose...Love Randy Travis grew up on his music 🎶
  • I still listen to Randy’s music I love it !!!!! If he wants to do this then let him if it makes him happy. Love Randy !!!!! ❤❤
  • @amyholley8725
    People need to let him be happy. He looks so happy in this video.
  • @user-jz7lm3dh8u
    Everyone who had followed his career dating back to the 80"s he is a bona-fide legend who in his time brought back grassroots vocals into country music we hadn't seen since the mid seventies snd he very much revived it going into the nineties and this song to me is among Travis's best.
  • I love the song…. Come on people, we except every artificial. If it pleases Randy Travis in his last days, leave it alone.
  • @joycehall6158
    With all the other bullcrap we "accept" I dont really see the problem with this song and the way it was made. Seeing the expression on Randys face was all I needed to see let him get some joy from this!!❤
  • @kenb4303
    You didn't say we love Randy Travis enough.
  • Because of Randy’s medical situation, I am 100% in favor of this beautiful song and how they were able to manufacture it! I’ve read all articles in regards to how it was made. Thanks so very much for discussing this …❤️I’m a major RT fan and was truly looking forward to hearing something new from him!🌹No, it’s not “the real thing” but sadly, it’s the only thing that is available with new music from my absolute favorite! The anticipation of hearing this wonderful song was equally as exciting as it was to hear him sing prior to his stroke!!!🥰
  • Give Randy his voice back. They have come a long way. So good to hear his voice again ❤😊
  • Ppl needa quit crying it’s not about you, It’s made Randy happy that’s all that matters. Grow up!
  • @terri5757
    I also wanted to say, Randy gave so much to Country Music. He basically revived Country music back in 1986. Why not simmer down and let’s give something back to him… his voice in songs.
  • Wrong, it's Randy's voice. They took a lot of his recordings and deleted the music and just overlayed it over waves from another vocalist waves. People need to lighten up. It's the first time in 15 years I've enjoyed country again. Been playing my life and I thought the good stuff was gone! God bless Randy!