Whatever You Make With Watermelon, I'll Pay For!

Published 2022-08-04

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  • ZHC Crafts
    It would mean the world to me if you subscribed! Thank you all! Hope you enjoyed!
  • iimaryxm
    Shak’s was great but Ryan definitely deserved the W
  • A
    I thought Ryans was definitely the best...the way he made a beach with the car was a really nice touch. and does that mean Shak is gonna get a convertable!?
  • i wish ryan would of won, i liked his mostly because of all the details he put in. im gonna guess shak won because he used the inside of the watermelon which is the hardest peice to make something out of because its fragile. I also like mackenzie peice and it was also pretty cool looking, im guessing she didn’t win because it was just a tiki? michelle’s watermelon turtle was so cute, and Jake’s was meh im sorry but it wasn’t much detail but it did look like a house but just the front of a house. my fav was Ryan’s and mackenzie’s.
  • renee
    i felt so bad for michelle during this challenge especially when she felt down and when she gave up for a moment. i'm glad she tried again towards the end. she still managed to make something exremely cute though in only 1 hour very happy about that!! hope u see this michelle and never give up bc u did amazing, no matter what anyone says!! <3
  • No name
    I was shocked and really thought Ryan would win. He has sl many details and I liked how he had 3d and 2d and created a whole world. Shak also did very good and a great and creative recovery and he was my 2nd fav
  • Even though Shak’s piece was great, and had gotten a lot of hard work put into it…..I personally think that Ryan should have definitely won! Ryan had so much detail.
  • Kenny Adeyinka
    I really love how Michelle showed her struggles and concerns throughout the challenge. I am so happy that how she decided not to give up and delivered a piece that she actually liked in the end.
  • Aim .T
    Let’s just appreciate how Michelle has gotten so much better at art
  • originai
    I think both artist did awesome, I feel like the reason Shaq won is because it literally sculpted out the watermelon which is harder to do. But Ryan’s was 100% better aesthetically and is cooler.
  • Hayley Brown
    what a fun challenge!! All of the artists are very talented! Michelle should get her turtle 🐢 🐢Keep making great content!!
  • Nathan Day
    I really love the energy and vibes given by Michelle and Zach
  • EDC
    For me, Mckenzie's piece is the most detailed one. It turns out really good.
  • Sparklexnia
    Literally so proud of how much Michelle is improving, I hope she gains some confidence 🫶🏾
  • Shadow Girl
    Michelle is such a great artist and she should show some love to herself becuase she is amazing!!!
    Keep on going Michelle!!
  • temmiegotchi92
    I actually thought Ryan was gonna win . He was so detailed
  • -BOO-
    First of all:
    I absolutely LOVE that Ryan gets to participate in these

    Second of all:
    I may not know who Shak is but he looks like he knows what he’s doing, I like his humour and I absolutely love his piece-

    And last but not least:
    Omg I love Michelle’s piece, it’s so good and I feel like it should’ve gotten a higher ranking at the end (thanks for reminding my about the word!, for anyone wondering, I called it a "score")
  • alexis stupak
    I love how michelles reason for wanting a turtle is because she saw two do the nasty 😭😂
  • Mike plays
    Shak seems to be a great addition :)
    Let's see him more often