What is the BEST Water Type Pokemon?

Published 2024-02-10
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There are a lot of good water types, but which one is the best? World Champion Wolfe Glick is here to break it down.

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All Comments (21)
  • @TheAsb227
    yes please i WOULD enjoy an entire series of this for every type
  • @solitare4602
    I'm surprised Dracovish isn't somewhere on this list. It seemed like he was Wolfey's favorite menace in Sword and Shield. Mr Fish may not be in SV right now, but he should at least be an honorable mention. Milotic also seems like it's always a popular and useful mon in lower powered formats.
  • @L.P.A
    28:19 That Tapu Monke looking real nice with others
  • @TwinNazyn
    I just wanna say I started competitive because of you, and this weekend I built my first ever doubles team and got to master ball rank! You're amazing and thanks for the content and inspiration !
  • @Azmatic24
    7:08 not the Flutter Mane named “Mind Goblin” 😂😂😂
  • @alexliu2864
    ah yes, rillaboom, the famed fourth tapu pokemon.
  • @xcurry_
    The level of production on your videos is insane. Cool to see the progress you’ve made over the years and that the success of the channel is being funneled back into it.
  • Been playing pokemon for nearly 23 years, it’s only thanks to Wolfe I’ve managed to finally understand a whole new dimension to Pokémon, I can finally understand competitive thanks to your incredibly engaging and informative videos, my only goal with pokemon has always just been shiny hunting but now thanks to these videos I can actually understand some of the more complex mechanics I’m now finding myself actually enjoying the building process of making a competitive team! Thank you Wolfe and keep up the amazing work! 💙
  • @chisam_
    The editing on the eyes is very scary, keep it up
  • @mfp5585
    Was hoping to see Blastoise mentioned based on the thumbnail, but I agree it isn't close to the best. It needs a good ability like charizard and venusaur, preferably something that synergizes with shell smash. I fully agree with your take on tapu fini, it is the answer to so many threats, really a swiss army knife pokemon. Also great in singles with taunt-calm mind-whirlpool-draining kiss.
  • @hugokapon4166
    Watching Aaron's Rotom miss 400 will-o-wisps still hurts. I can't imagine losing at worlds like that.
  • @PKSparkxxDH
    This video was like 3 videos in one. Very fun and well written!
  • @TheMizuJosh
    I was so sad not to see any Milotic mention... 😢
  • @ryanesparza83
    “The other Tapu Pokemon.” 😂 Koko, Lele, and my favorite, Tapu Rillaboom
  • I loved the fire type video, and really enjoyed this one too, I would love it if more videos in this same form came out, keep up the awesome content!
  • @triplebog
    There is something deeply hilarious about the chess move at 28:09 -- Its shot all epically and powerfully. But the move is blundering the queen
  • @ninjablade2
    28:16 Ah yes, the other Tapus such as Tapu-Koko, Tapu-Lele and... *checks clipboard* Tapu-Rillaboom...
  • @TheReal_ist
    3:15 daddy incin is always right Wolfey glad u understand your role in his world.