Published 2019-11-28

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  • @hackhair5832
    This guy always sounds like someone just told him a clever joke that wasnt quite good enough to make him laugh but made him smile widely through the rest of the conversation
  • @TheTruth-si5zq
    “He didn’t die, he just kinda gave up” This hit to close to home 😂
  • @randorookie8587
    A code bullet GPS would just be “keep doing random shit till something works” and then take the best of all those failing methods rinse repeat till we’ve got a route
  • @iwtbwiw
    I love how it doesn't even look like a game of snake at one point on, it just looks like a green box with random changing lines and holes
  • @sirapple589
    CB Viewers: “Why is he taking so long to upload?” Code Bullet: Throwing out entire weeks of progress for shits and giggles
  • @nathanmay9694
    I’ve been watching him for a good bit now, and just now realized he codes IN LIGHT MODE. Anyone that codes in light mode is secretly burying some bodies in their backyard
  • @blenderium
    4:36 the rare footage of a coder actually writing its own code instead of copying..... what an amazing discovery
  • @mermer3572
    First rule of snake: snake eat apple Second rule of snake: under absolutely zero circumstances does snake eat apple
  • @Lucerne9
    "The snake will get pissed off and take an angry nap" This is me trying to do calculus hmwk
  • @Helladamnleet
    You should figure out a way to convert these AIs to be screensavers. I'd legit pay 99 cents for them
  • @mprocks6522
    Near the end Even losing his sanity over 2 blocks is like the Sargent losing his mind and screaming "4 FUCKING PIXELS"
  • @sophiacristina
    Programming: "Omg, i can't believe this really works!" "Omg, of course it didn't!"
  • @brodyfrable4250
    I like that everyone just looked over the fact that adrian single-handedly killed at least 5 fully-trained soldiers
  • @refl9630
    3:37 there are only three possible moves at any time, since the snake can't go back.
  • "The snake will get pissed off and take an angry nap" is a phrase I need to use more in my life.
  • @BalconyDog
    Plot twist: it was him playing the whole time, hes spent years training
  • @Jaylan.M
    I hope this is made into a wallpaper. It’s quite satisfying