100 Days Building A Modern Underground Hut With A Grass Roof And A Swimming Pool

Published 2022-05-05
100 Days Building A Modern Underground Hut With A Grass Roof and a Swimming Pool

About Mr.Heang Update: We are from Thailand and we live in United States of America (USA). In this video we going to show you about our ( 100 Days Building A Modern Underground Hut With A Grass Roof And A Swimming Pool) with very simple tools and skill !

How long and where did I build?
I been working very hard with my 2 friends about 100 Days to completely build, This underground hut is in a very small private jungle in California (United State), We did together with three people (2 people we are builders and one person he is camera man)

How large is it?
Underground Hut Dimension: Depth 5m , width 18m, height 7m, I knew the most of viewer they hard to believe but it real 100% by hand made with tools in video ! If you have any ideas, please leave a comment below my video.

We are very happy for your constructive feedback.
We hope all of you enjoying our videos !!
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Camera: Nikon D7500
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All Comments (21)
  • @aziclemvin2397
    All the people that create this kind of content need to come together to build a village from scratch.
    It's going to be a major Tourist attraction.
  • @larvaamigos68
    The production team and all the behind the scenes workers did a great job 👍👍
  • @missbunny6002
    That's absolutely amazing how they do this it turns out looking so beautiful I want this in my backyard lol
  • @jefferyseay5846
    I wonder how the water stays level at the top of the pool and does not continue to rise and overflow onto the recreation deck with the table and stools? And how do they prevent the inside of the hut from caving in? It would be nice to have a 3 to 5 minute explanation with someone explaining the engineering aspects of the project.
  • @elijahlittau7891
    The production team and all the behind the scenes workers did a great job
  • Respect. These 2 people deserve to live in the most beautiful house ever.
  • @vickybidlan7515
    The amount of intelligence and effort that has been put into this masterpiece is really huge and appreciative
  • @ethanlew5014
    Maybe you can try setting up a time-lapse camera and record the entire building progress. I know the process is very long, so maybe not doable but it'll be quite cool to see the entire build coming together
  • @user-pl6sd2lu6e
    É incrível mano a prefeitura leva uns 3 anos pra fazer isso aí e os cara aí faz em 100 dias q parece mais 2 minutos , impressionante sério
  • @Stephanyy1881
    That land seems so easy to remove. My God, it's so amazing! 👏🏻
  • The team and all the people behind the scenes did a great job even if its not only made and done by hand and the design is amazing fun and relaxing to watch
  • If you are ever in need of a top-of-the-line architect and builder for the apocalypse, these men are right for the job, don't just survive to thrive while surviving 😅
  • @hbrkh
    We all wanted to build something like this as a child, it's so cool seeing these dudes accomplish this!
  • @lydiaklimek8594
    I’m not sure if I missed something or what, but how do they manage to keep their pool from overflowing? They constantly have fresh water pouring into it, and I don’t remember seeing them put in any sort of drainage for if the water level gets too high.
  • @gabrielblox-2428
    I always wondered how the ancient people built complicated and architecturally challenging structures, and here I am watching these two guys make something like this in 21st century with only innovative tools. I have nothing but respect and admiration. Amazing!
  • @cute-Sara-Ling
    That’s so AMAZING 🤩 I have so much respect to you guys
  • @elliedelcid2172
    They deserve that swim and enjoyment they work really hard and it’s so impressive!
  • @luckypanda7570
    This is THE most amazing video YouTube randomly recommended to me for no reason. Feel so satisfying watching this and enjoy every second even it is 20 minutes long. Really admire the talent and great work you have accomplished. Hats off to both of you and thanks to camera man as well.
  • I could never do this. The fact that these two (2) fine gentlemen are doing this is absolutely outstanding. I love how much time and effort they have put into doing what they love.