Tom MacDonald - "NO LIVES MATTER"

Published 2020-11-06


SHOT by Nova Rockafeller

MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan

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  • FinalZig
    this is something literally everyone in america needs to hear
  • Adam Garrett
    Everything that comes out of his mouth is just truth I cannot believe how inspirational his music is it is just pure truth.
  • Lil Patz
    I feel like the whole world needs to hear this song.
  • BrainGaming 822
    Protect this guy. If i rapped this is literally what I'd be rapping about. I wish I wasn't late to tom and his music but hey here I am
  • Andrew
    Just ran across this dude. Amazing lyrics. Just what the world needs to hear.
  • Terrence Hill
    Love how he’s straight honest with his lyrics and spitting the truth
  • Marfoogle TV
    People will look back and consider Tom a Hero. Saying the things noone else will. The power of Independence
  • Terra Bryant
    Awesome job!! You are telling the damn truth. I wish everyone would listen to your lyrics. I applaud you and your talent. Thank you 🙏🏼
  • Don Keyballs
    Just heard of this artist 5 minutes ago but I'm pretty sure he's been reading my thoughts
  • Matt Androlewicz
    Just found you on YouTube randomly.
    Your shit is dope bro. Keep doing it
  • Stacey Carbary
    This guys music and words are next level! He isn't afraid to speak up. Freakin amazing. Raw and true
  • An independent rapper made this in his living room and it's one of the best songs I've heard in awhile! Big up Tom MacDonald!
  • Marco Veal
    I appreciate you for making songs Tom MacDonald keep on making songs for us
  • John Visconti
    Funny how this man raps our minds straight from his mouth, rather than his own agenda into our minds. Thoughts are coming out with him instead of going in! BRAVO my dude.
  • Amanda Robinson
    Dude this man is fuckin amazing I love tha few songs I've heard from him so far
  • Todd Fleming
    This Man is BAD ASS. Thank you for saying everything we are feeling.
  • This is what actually being “woke” looks like. Understanding that we are all just being manipulated wether it’s for money or politics it all has the same effect.
  • Random Twitch
    Damn yea Tom you're the definition of "don't judge a book by its cover" and a real person can edmit their mistakes and short comings by learning to open up idk you personally but i thought it was a gimmick thing and had my ears closed off but I'm sorry you as much as anyone else has a voice that deserves to be heard and man my ears are open to you now thank you and Nova for this song its definitely a breath of fresh air and genuinely thanks man keep it up homies im definitely goin back through ya older stuff oh and I definitely watched your doc man much RESPECT