YoungBoy Never Broke Again Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Published 2018-05-14
YoungBoy Never Broke Again goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in New York City and talks about wearing Air Jordans growing up, never wearing the same outfit twice, and wanting to start his own sneaker brand.

NOTE: This episode was shot on February, 22, 2018.

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Season 6
Episode 21

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All Comments (21)
  • @showtime1235
    Damn give the host a raise he had to try so hard to keep this convo goin
  • @Hector-iz6jb
    He talks more clearer in his songs than when he having a conversation
  • @Blackiechan1738
    Complex: “Do you remember me?” Youngboy: “I got a bad memory” 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • @nophon34
    taking to youngboy is like talking to an awkward second grader😂
  • @iPodKingCarter
    Even tho he didn’t tell many stories, him buying a fan sneakers is the biggest blessing ever...
  • @vvbbzz8606
    “So we talked about a lot now see what shoes you wanna leave with” YB: “*sighs* oK😒”
  • @invincible69420
    Man Joe needs a raise, I mean this was a pretty dead interview, he really had to keep pushing to keep the convo going, this was honestly hilarious.
  • @ranisalameh1653
    When he said “I ain’t a fan of nobody” he looked like he was about to shoot him
  • @jakubkanci1897
    young boy is literall that type of friend who u cant make jokes wid him coz he takes everything personal lmaoo
  • @zimbabe2046
    to go from this, to the recent complex interview is crazy
  • @jayleebranscum
    3:25 “so you’re independent and not looking to sign with anyone “ youngboy: looks down and whispers “nO”
  • @KarloBacolod
    This still the funniest sneaker shopping episode 😆
  • Humble . Respect . He said he wore hand me downs and he bought Jordana when he got signed. 🙏🙌
  • @East-rh6yx
    lol the conversation was soo dead they brought a dog in 😂
  • @db.jr1
    4:01 “What made you get that tattoo? You must be a fan of Jordan” “Na- yeah. I am, nah I ain’t no fan of j o r d a n ion kno”
  • @satoukazuma168
    This whole video is like me trying to keep the conversation going with my crush by adding some random shit
  • @veronibaa
    “I ain’t a fan of joorrrrrrden”