This SEA Kit Combo Is ILLEGAL... (Roblox Bedwars)

Published 2023-03-19

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  • @ExactlyNothingz
    What's your favorite kit?
    also hopefully you enjoy this vid :) i spent alot of effort 😉
  • @kairavpatel1392
    Honestly bro we need more people like this guy in the community
  • How about whisper Sheila? It’s infinite knockback with inf pressure damage with a side of infinite healing 😅
  • @mewtube4880
    When u don’t want crit strike u don’t get it, but when u don’t want it u never get any other enchant besides it
  • @TianSinclair
    nothing you are an AMAZING youtuber bro,keep up all your amazing work bro :)
  • @maxyao1103
    @ExactlyNothingz forest 3 with max Shiela is too good. You should try it sometime. I got 47 kills in a squad match with it. You literally never die.
  • @Dudewithglitches
    When I keep reading the enchant I want in my mind I have 80% getting it
  • @SplitsRT
    Video idea:win a game without armour and you have to get enchants no matter what!
  • @thecuermu
    gumdrop + void axe = never die in fall damage
  • I haven't been watching youtube much and coming back to this was really fun. Thank you for making such fun content! :3
  • I have a good combo use Sheila with the new back pack it’s just like 2 Sheila’s