1 Hour of Relaxing Undertale/Deltarune Music (Remastered)

Published 2021-10-11
A new version of my old "Relaxing Undertale/Deltarune Music", now with Chapter 2 music, a more fair balance of Undertale/Deltarune tracks, and a less aggressive/flashy video filter. Oh, and happy birthday Toby Fox!

0:00 - Home
I wonder if it's gonna feel weird seeing a Deltarune image over Undertale music. It probably was just as weird seeing an Undertale image over Deltarune music...
2:04 - Uwa! So Temperate
My appreciation for Toby's use of Chrono Trigger samples has not depreciated between the time I made this and the original mix.
3:01 - Shop
I still stand by the fact that this is the best of the Snowdin themes.
3:54 - Mysterious Place
I wonder how many people will pick up on the difference in pitch/speed from game version to OST version as a result of this playlist using the game versions...?
4:42 - Quiet Water
Sometimes the most minimalist tunes are some of the best.
7:46 - Confession
I wonder how Toby got the idea of combining the electric piano and regular piano from Mother 3. He did the same kinda thing in Reunited, using the Rhodes piano and normal piano from Chrono Trigger. Definitely cool!
8:33 - It's Raining Somewhere Else
I always think about this tune when driving in the rain, or under dark clouds. That restaurant scene really is something, huh?
11:24 - Undertale
Well, you know how the saying goes. Despite everything... It's still you.
17:46 - The Choice
This, Undertale, Reunited and Respite are my favorite Undertale songs. The scene where Sans tells you about LOVE really hits, especially due to this music. It really does make you think, you know?
19:59 - Fallen Down (Reprise)
Not even the "Toby Fox Sample Sheet" has picked up on this using Chrono Trigger strings in the back half of the song. Strange. Good song though.
22:30 - Reunited
Still such an amazing song. This is what I love about Toby Fox music - taking samples from games I love, like of course, Chrono Trigger, and making them feel completely new. Amazing.
27:29 - Respite
The game version is SO much better than the soundtrack version it's unreal. And this is another excellent song - separating it from Reunited almost feels criminal. Combined, they both serve as a perfect, peaceful reprise of the game's themes.
31:16 - Empty Town
I should replay Chapter 1, I wonder if anything'll be different now that we have a new chapter!
32:40 - Lantern
Can I just bring up that Seam having they/them pronouns is awesome. And it fits the kinda mysterious yet welcoming vibe Seam's "Seap" has.
35:07 - Quiet Autumn
It may not be the most quiet song, but it sure is one of the best!
37:36 - Darkness Falls
Ah, yes. Gaster's Theme with the Fallen Down/Smiles and Tears piano. Honestly, way better than the Undertale game over music.
38:46 - A Town Called Hometown
Comparing this to the Undertale Snowdin music, it's wild how much better Toby's stuff sounds despite being not that different in terms of instruments used.
42:14 - Faint Glow
I was surprised to hear this seeing as it has a tone very much like some of the Chapter 1 music. But is was a very pleasant surprise!
43:31 - My Castle Town
Hearing this let me know that I had to make this playlist. What a beautiful song this is.
45:37 - Sound Studio
I very much appreciate the introduction of a music player in the Dark World. It's definitely cool!
46:44 - Faint Courage
Having this in the game, I wonder if that means every chapter will have different game over music? That'd be nice.
47:35 - Elegant Entrance
I really appreciate how good the antagonists are this time around. It's like all the good stuff in chapter 1 was upped to the max - graphical overhaul, awesome music, great humor & character development, and of course, the coolest villains - Queen, Spamton, and Rouxls Kaard.
48:52 - Bluebird of Misfortune
The Song That Might Play When Your Opponent Cheats By Wavedashing
49:40 - Hip Shop
Look, I'm going to be honest, this song fits WAY better in here than it does in the Kaard's shop. The smooth energy fits well with Swatch, and the amazing background graphics do this song total justice.
"Don't be blue. We're here for you."
52:19 - Lost Girl
I did not expect this music to become one of my favorites, but it sure is! The scene with Susie and Noelle was amazing, and I really appreciate how well-written each character is. Never underestimate Toby's ability to write cool lesbians.
53:36 - Ferris Wheel
I'm gonna be real, the part where Noelle chokes Berdly was one of the funniest moments in the whole game, along with the "Eggs-husband" joke and all of the scenes with Queen.
54:53 - You Can Always Come Home
Despite how anxiety-inducing the ending of Chapter 2 was, it was nice seeing Susie and Kris relax and hang out. I get the vibe that the real Kris really appreciates Susie's friendship.
58:21 - Before the Story
I can't even describe why, but I absolutely adore this song. I hope you do too.

Enjoy! And once again, happy birthday, Toby Fox!

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  • Lavos
    Happy birthday to our dear Toby Dog!
  • Pie
    One thing I’m most impressed about Toby is not just his creative mind, not just his good writing, but his ability to make music. He adds so much atmosphere and moodiness it just makes me feel at home :)
  • I'm sometimes so grateful for this music it makes me tear up. Undertale saved me from suicide when I was younger. Thank you so much!
  • Joseph Ralloma
    This was timed pretty well! I just beat Pacifist, Neutral, and S[Hyperlink blocked] Routes!
  • QittiKat Studios
    I can and did listen to “My Castle Town” for 4 hour straight, and god dammit i’ll do it again
  • Luka Hellthorn
    * A wave of powerful nostalgia hits you.

    * Happy memories flood your brain once more. Of friends, family, trials, tribulations and victory.

    * Despite the unfortunate timing and context, despite some bad apples...

    * The memory of the experience fills you with DETERMINATION.
  • TheAdvertisement
    0:00 Godammit you had to start this with Home didn't you.
    3:00 Shop has always been such a cute theme to me.
    3:54 That effect like warping up piano keys always sounded so cool.
    4:42 It's Quiet Water what can I say? It's a beautiful mysterious, yet calm tune, perfect for Waterfall.
    8:33 It's Raining Somewhere Else needs more love. It's such a chilling song for how chill it really is, when combined with hearing Sans's story about meeting Toriel. There's a nostalgic yet regretful feeling behind this song that always pulls me in.
    11:24 C'mon, it's Undertale. Arguably the most beautiful song Toby has ever composed. It takes you on a heartbreaking journey through the Underground in just 6 minutes, telling you their history, and what you must do. It's perfect.
    19:59 Despite the scene after, Fallen Down (Reprise) is still a comfort song for me. It's so nice to hear that transitions from the original, into that Once Upon a Time waltz.
    22:30 Reunited just gets it right. It's the perfect epilogue theme, not being overbearing, but knowing just when to celebrate, while using the motifs you know and love from the start of your journey.
    27:29 I used to not pay attention to Reunited, but I've grown to love its use of the Hope/An Ending motif. It lets you bask in what you truly achieved for the Underground.
    32:40 Lantern is just so cool, I love how it's really a slowed down remix of Rude Buster, hinting at either Seam's past or their abilities. Also is it confirmed they use they/them pronouns? Last time I checked they're never actually referred to with any, similar to MK.
    35:07 Quiet Autumn feels so much like Quiet Water in so many ways, these songs go hand in hand.
    37:36 Darkness Falls is such a beautifully melancholy track, kinda sad it's not the real game over theme anymore. Though it is better than Determination, you do have to admit the songs serve very different purposes as game over themes.
    38:46 A Town Called Hometown is a really nice song, but it has this stale, slightly off feeling to it at the start that I feel was entirely intentional on Toby's part. However, it does build later into the song and start feeling a lot more welcoming, so it's still a really good song too!
    42:14 Honeslty not the direction I expected the menu music to go in, but it has this similar wondrous feeling to it that Lantern has, and I can't help but get into it.
    38:46 Again, not a style of song I was expecting in Ch2, but it fits so well. I can't tell if that's a real piano or not but it doesn't matter, hearing the theme Toby played at the end of the 5th Anniversary Concert appear in game for your quaint little town is adorable and it really helps you feel at home.
    46:44 This song isn't quite as good as Darkness Falls, but its doesn't really replace it either, and Faint Courage still does a really good job as a game over theme!
    47:35 Elegant Entrance does a surprisingly good job at making Queen's theme a refined castle theme for the calmer parts.
    48:52 Why is Berdly's backstory legitimately sad TOBY STOP THIS AT ONCE
    49:40 How ironic that Swatch uses the same shop theme as Rouxls.
    52:19 I expected Lost Girl to be used for a much more hopeless scene ever since Toby teased it, so I was pleasantly surprised to see it used in this cute scene between her and Susie. Still, it's likely not only going to be used here, so I have to wonder...
    53:36 I got up and walked out of the room on stream when Berdly said he had a crush on Susie now. Noelle's reaction was extremely satisfying.
    54:53 Surprised you didn't put You Can Always Come Home at the end, would've been a nice parallel to Home at the start. Still, it's really nice to listen to near the end.
  • Cecelia IsAWeeb
    For the longest time I felt like I was going insane with me thinking the OST and game versions of the music were slightly different. This video has finally answered this question that I honestly could have just Googled but :P
    I like the in-game version of the Shop theme in particular more than the OST version.
    Great video! Always glad to see someone else who appreciates the samples used on Toby’s music. Especially the Chrono Trigger ones. (I mean hey if you’re gonna sample from any OST why not the greatest one ever?)
  • rina
    i'm writing an essay that's due tonight, and this music is helping me focus! thanks for this playlist, i appreciate it <3
  • Szuke The kid
    you are at home now.
    you've reached this place.

    you're back.
    calm down, now nothing can hurt you.

    we are so proud of you ,my child.
  • Nomad Why
    I have no idea why but all of the relaxing/calming music in Undertale and Deltarune puts me on edge more than any other music in the games. I think it’s just my paranoia but I get goosebumps, like I’m being drawn into a false sense of security or just uncomfortable.
  • Paradox
    “It’s raining somewhere else”
    Rain can represent tears giving that a whole new meaning

    In the ruins a goat is crying about their lost children and the fact that they weren’t able to protect any of their children

    In Snowdin many monsters cry (I can’t think of anything else for snowdin lol)

    In waterfall. (What do I put here lol)

    In a lab there is a lizard crying about their past mistakes and how they could of done better

    (Skipping core because I forgot if restaurant moment is before or after mettaton fight)

    In new home a king Is crying over the loss of his children and what he must do to free the rest of the monsters

    But you aren’t crying, and sans isn’t

    it’s metaphorically raining somewhere else
  • Spooks
    TW: mentions of suicide
    My best friend is in the hospital right now for trying to commit suicide, and they haven't responded to any of my texts. I have been super worried the past couple of days, but hearing this really made me smile. I hope you guys are doing ok, and I want all of you to be happy and safe. Even though I don't know you, I love you with all of my heart. Just keep pushing, and keep living.
    -Elio/Spooks <3
  • Cibershadow2
    I'm absolutely loving these uploads, this is just what I needed, thank you so much <3 Much love from the UK
  • Bowser Jr
    Imagine : you chillin hearing this... Then suddendly BIG SHOT starts playing
  • man this makes me feel nostalgic about how long it's been since undertale released! always nice to remember undertale music!
  • sanguivoir
    Love the selection of music! Also, your little descriptions for each track are so nice to read, haha, kinda like talking to a friend :)
  • Adéla Hyšková
    I love these Undertale and Deltarune playlists you make so much! The comments about each track are amazing too! And I aprecciate the less flashy visual, I sometimes put these on to learn so it's nice when it's not so distracting to the eye ❤️

    Did you think about making one of these with more hype music from Undertale and Deltarune, like the battle songs and such? I would love to see your take on that
  • Ginnie Gill
    I didn't even realize that some of the songs were different in-game.
  • emogelion
    I seriously needed this in my life, thank you so much.