25 Inventions that are Out of this World. 🌏

Published 2021-10-06
25 Cool Tech Inventions that might change your life, now and in the future.
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All Comments (21)
  • Simz
    People really don't appreciate how much research goes into making videos like this... well done man, this is so well put together 👏🏾
  • Terron Dinoo
    Who ever came up with the idea of harnessing the wind whenever a car passes by is a genius. Such a simple but ingenious design. I would give that 10/10.
  • Sophia Nílsson
    I really appreciate this channel turning from just phones to all technology! I find technology reporting media hard and intimidating to consume, so your channel is a great resource for me to find out about all these incredible new inventions!
  • Cringe Bucket
    I’ve tried the Kat VR, and it very much feels like a prototype. There is a lot of potential in the concept but the execution could be so much better. Even at the lowest friction you can get by adjusting the shoes, it still feels like you’re pushing against sand in order to move around in-game
  • BuenVida Nadz
    21 is such an awesome concept. If it's gonna be implemented to perfection, heavy street traffic would be so minimized and transportation would be much faster even if let's say the max speed it could go would be 40kph because of unobstructed paths. Hopefully I wouldn't die of old age before small-scale, mass aerial transport would be realized XD
  • #MusicLover
    Do you know what is truly out of this world? You managing to keep us wanting more after already binge watching this channel the entire day. I can't stop watching this!
  • Abdallah Mahamat
    The only thing out of this world that i see is the quality and outstanding editing of your videos. Kudos
  • Frederick Thomas
    Just found this guy and wow, wtf does he NOT have a show on a major network is beyond me. Funny, informative, and just fun to watch. Thanks!
  • Austin Ledbetter
    I love how he puts soooo much work in to his videos. This video is so mind-blowing. Keep it up man!!
  • Cubs Fan Forever
    I'm really into the idea of air taxis. My biggest worry (fear), however, has always been that despite the extraordinary safety claims of the taxis themselves, the navigation would be an insane problem. They would be crashing into each other as people just flew where ever they wanted to go. GPS? It might help if everyone used them but people that know where they're going, most likely wouldn't use a GPS and just take any "route" they felt like taking. Air Traffic Contol for air taxis? I highly doubt it.
  • Evan Le
    I love your videos, I finally subscribed after realizing I wasn't already. However I do want to say one caveat to this video is some of the items are not inventions they're more like concepts. It's probably more fruitful if you can separate the two into their own categories. I know I'm nitpicking, and just thinking out loud. Regardless, keep up the awesome work and great content!
  • MBMR Aditya
    u know what i would rate 10/10!? its the amount of time,effort and research u have put to make this video especially for no1. truly a legend.
  • maninthemirror
    "This drink cures cancer and regrows fallen limbs"
    Arun: 6/10
  • Miguel Perez
    “This is possibly the best invention of the 21st century! It will catapult humanity into a whole new technological era the likes of which we have only dreamed of…. 2/10 “
  • TJscooters
    i love this man he always keeps me up to date on tech stuff and also i never get bored watching his content
  • MewmewGrrl
    That Chairless Chair 2.0 is almost $3,000. I've looked into those for disabled relatives and it's really terribly priced as far as the wearable chairs go. It may be a really nice product (I don't know because I don't know anyone willing to pay that price to test it out, though it looks like a decently built product), but the price is really out there.
  • Arun Kj
    Man this can't get any better!!! We're slowly but surely moving into the future of technology.... Can't wait!
    Also Arun this was an amazing video....the effort required for this masterpiece is extreme...And it paid off... Thanks for this vid bruh🔥
  • Nekogo
    When he said "I'm not tempted" I died
    I swear I not only love the information I get from these videos but I always get a laugh out of them.
    Thank you so much you are awesome, I swear on that.
  • Shafeen Khan
    One thing I’ve noticed is how his content keeps getting better and better and man’s even using all platforms to reach more audience. Fair play he’s killing it!