25 Inventions that are Out of this World. 🌏

Published 2021-10-06
25 Cool Tech Inventions that might change your life, now and in the future.
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  • @simz2689
    People really don't appreciate how much research goes into making videos like this... well done man, this is so well put together πŸ‘πŸΎ
  • I’ve tried the Kat VR, and it very much feels like a prototype. There is a lot of potential in the concept but the execution could be so much better. Even at the lowest friction you can get by adjusting the shoes, it still feels like you’re pushing against sand in order to move around in-game
  • @MattFromHawaii
    The folding machine is a really cool and convenient idea, but (lol) I've worked in retail: I think that my folding technique is still pretty good and is more adaptable, depending on how I need the clothes to be folded. Like; I put clothes in different places, drawers or on shelves, and the spaces vary. So, having a machine that, presumably only folds to that one style, makes it kind of only good for specific spaces imo πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ I'd still make the investment though. I think it's also gonna be good for people who, like me, sell there thrifted clothes on places like depop, or just have a lot of it.
  • @jbenthere627
    I'm really into the idea of air taxis. My biggest worry (fear), however, has always been that despite the extraordinary safety claims of the taxis themselves, the navigation would be an insane problem. They would be crashing into each other as people just flew where ever they wanted to go. GPS? It might help if everyone used them but people that know where they're going, most likely wouldn't use a GPS and just take any "route" they felt like taking. Air Traffic Contol for air taxis? I highly doubt it.
  • 21 is such an awesome concept. If it's gonna be implemented to perfection, heavy street traffic would be so minimized and transportation would be much faster even if let's say the max speed it could go would be 40kph because of unobstructed paths. Hopefully I wouldn't die of old age before small-scale, mass aerial transport would be realized XD
    Man, I see why this guy has a lot of subs and fans. His video quality is ridiculously good.
  • The only thing out of this world that i see is the quality and outstanding editing of your videos. Kudos
  • Just found this guy and wow, wtf does he NOT have a show on a major network is beyond me. Funny, informative, and just fun to watch. Thanks!
  • I love how he puts soooo much work in to his videos. This video is so mind-blowing. Keep it up man!!
  • @mbmraditya2498
    u know what i would rate 10/10!? its the amount of time,effort and research u have put to make this video especially for no1. truly a legend.
  • @arunkj8064
    Man this can't get any better!!! We're slowly but surely moving into the future of technology.... Can't wait!
    Also Arun this was an amazing video....the effort required for this masterpiece is extreme...And it paid off... Thanks for this vid bruhπŸ”₯
  • @taim652
    Arun:gives a whole plane a 4 out of 10
    Also Arun:gives a trash can a 5 out of 10
  • @c.rosenfeld
    0:00 – Intro
    0:17 – Impossible Tap
    0:43 – Qooker Taps
    1:15 – Foldimate
    1:50 – Pool Live AR
    2:34 – Lift Hexa
    2:29 – Titan Trach Compactor
    4:22 – Solubag
    4:52 – Bottle Crusher
    5:20 – 3D billboards
    6:11 – AR Advertising
    7:13 – Chairless Chair 2.0
    8:13 – B-Shoe
    8:51 – Epson Paperlab
    9:48 – Smartflower
    10:15 – Self-Balancing Motorbike
    10:49 – Pop-Up Pedestrian Crossing
    11:19 – Traffic Turbines
    12:07 – Spaceship Neptune
    12:56 – Xiaomi Cyberdog
    13:29 – Galaxy Z Slide
    14:18 – Audi Skysphere
    15:00 – LA Moto Volante
    15:40 – Samsung’s Movable Cameras
    16:41 – Immersive VR
    17:41 – Quantum Computers
    19:43 – AD
    20:39 – Outro
  • i love this man he always keeps me up to date on tech stuff and also i never get bored watching his content
  • Love your videos, they keep getting better. I check your channel for for reviews for anything electronic before I buy.
    Thank you for focusing so much on eco products, in the future, just check if they are actually eco or just another Green wash. Not trying bring things down, but so many products claim to be eco but are anything but, and often take market share away from other products that actually are.

    Some thoughts, compacting the waste to double or triple the waste in one bag, doesn't really do much for the planet, yes you might use one or two fewer bags, but the added weight etc., would necessitate stronger thicker bags to be used and minimize the advantage. It also does nothing to reduce the amount of waste produced. It only reduces that annoying task of taking out the trash.

    The Solubag, is an awesome product thanks for the heads up, cool product. Most people wont every make the effort to dissolve in hot water, but they also have a simpler cold water version too.

    The beer crushing project is actually terrible. It a classic example of green wash marketing. Beverage bottles are highly recyclable and are heavily recycled in many countries. It would be much, much more environmentally sound if they cleaned and reused the bottles. They totally avoid the fact that by not reusing and recycling the bottles, they actually increase their demand for new sand to be collected, or mined, thereby defeating their entire claim.

    Paperlab - probably beyond the reach of most home offices, but a definite step in the right direction.

    Would be cool if you posted links to the different products. The Amazon link seemed to be just a general link to Amazon with none of the mentioned products listed.
  • You’re an amazing to this informative world I love watching your videos all day long ❀
  • I remember watching your videos when you were at 300k subscribers!! I always knew your channel would grow like crazy cuz you put out quality content! Well done man!!! May more success come to you
  • I honestly love these videos so much, I know it is hard to make up to a video a week with up 500 pounds budget. So I want you to know you are brilliant.
  • @terrondinoo
    Who ever came up with the idea of harnessing the wind whenever a car passes by is a genius. Such a simple but ingenious design. I would give that 10/10.