Brian Kelley Disputes Tyler Hubbard’s Florida Georgia Line Break Up Claims

Published 2024-05-09
Uh-oh! Following Tyler Hubbard's latest comments on Florida Georgia Line's split during his appearance on the "Bussin' with the Boys" podcast, Brian Kelley has now responded attempting to clarify Tyler Hubbard's statements and set the record straight on Florida Georgia Line's decision to break up. Brian Kelley shared his newest comments during his latest appearance on the "Bussin' with the Boys" podcast.

0:00 Florida Georgia Libe Break Up
1:05 Tyler Hubbard's Side of the Story
3:35 Brian Kelley's Side of the Story

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All Comments (21)
  • @deliverywynch1
    People need to leave politics out of every dang thing. Can’t trust any of the politicians. If you haven’t figured that out by now then you need to wake up!
  • This is my opinion gentleman you both would have been the greatest in country music. When l heard that you guys got married l knew in my heart that you would break up. And that’s because of your wives. It’s because of them you too are no longer together. Look at Brooks and Dunn those two made millions they had everything until Ronnie Dunn decided to get married. That’s why those too broke up. All you two have to do is get back together and not let your wives enter fear into your business. You both are good together you had everything going for you but you got married way too soon. You think about this, you should have been millionaires already without any disputes. The mistake you guys made is because of your wives. They got greedy and now they are hoping you can do it on your own. The money you should have been making now is out the window. And now it’s hard for the both of you. Tell your wives to stay out of your business so that way you both can prosper and not be so damn greedy. You both started off on the right foot, now you two have two right feet and are having a hard time making the millions that are out there waiting for you. Put your differences aside and do what’s right for the both of you. You don’t need to be greedy with the money. If l were you l would rather make the millions that are waiting for you out there and split everything down the middle. Come on guys. Ronnie Dunn did most of the singing. His partner played the guitar an help with the vocals along the way. They made history. Thats what you two need to do. So wake up and smell the riches that are waiting for you.
  • @user-rf4vq8pe3c
    There both so good at what they do, not going to pick a team BK or Th that's childish maybe one day they can talk together and work it out both are very much talented solo or together .
  • @BallCapHalo4
    Tyler definitely had his solo career going first! Tyler appeared with Lathan Warlick on his song "My Way!" That was around the time FGL was just splitting up. Because Tyler even teased a song called Turnt! Before the breakup. So it comes down to who's telling the truth!
  • @user-fl7nr6yd7x
    So excited for BK. He has an amazing voice that never got a chance to be highlighted with FGL. I hope they both are successful.
  • I loved FGL but I love each one of them separately they are both great performers. Good luck to them both.
  • @deliverywynch1
    As far as these two grown men… it’s sad they let something so petty ruin their friendship and career. I for one will still listen to both and not take sides and hopefully some day they will grow up and get back together.
  • @lobsterlover12
    I HOPE and am PRAYING that they do a reunion tour and a 6th FGL studio album! I never went to a concert, and now I'm REGRETTING it!!!
  • @rogerc5645
    Neither is as good solo as they were together. As solo artist both are different. Honestly, I don’t really listen to Tyler, but I do listen to BK. His vibe is totally different from FGL, and I like it. If both were being truthful, the down fall came due to their political views, which is why I don’t really listen to Tyler.
  • @JenneeB927
    I liked a couple of songs, but I'm not a real fan. I find the whole thing funny. Like sands through the hour glass.....
  • @mdp1087
    Tyler Hubbard is the VOICE! So, whatever Tyler does will sound similar to FGL. Brian Kelley has his work cut out for him to develop his own Identify and Voice???
  • @bf1001
    It seems like they outgrew each other. I think they’re better together but everything comes to an end at some point. I think politically they’re opposite too, I don’t know this as fact but based on their actions, which seems to be highlighted for everyone these days. Hopefully in the future this will be one of those things that they chalk up as a silly misunderstanding and are able to create again together.
  • @mirandawillie24
    Okay I don't what happened between the two of them I am sure Tyler had nothing to with it all he did was supported Brian and now Brian is talking shit about Tyler that is wrong Brian is the one who wanted a solo career in first place and he got it I think Brian should apologize to Tyler for what he said about him that was not called for at all why can't Brian get along with Tyler he did everything that Brian asked
  • @user-qt7cd2cw8s
    I think Tyler had it to go solo long before Brian. Tyler thinks he is all that anyway. Brian has the looks and his voice has gotten better and better. And Brian is an excellent songwriter.