Every Decked Out Easter Egg Discovered!

Published 2023-11-14
See how each of the 20 hidden Hermit Easter Eggs inside Decked Out were found!

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  • @am3thysts
    “Stress found by Scar” and the method of which Scar found stress are both so extremely fitting.
  • @laartje24
    I love how Stress was not found but basically summoned by Scar's stress levels.
  • @A_Friendly_Robot
    Tango, I gotta say, Decked Out is one of the most impressive feats of building/game design that I've seen not just in Hermitcraft, but in Minecraft as a whole. The dungeon itself is not only insane, but the card/difficulty balancing along with all extra mechanics - clank, hazard etc. is next level, only compounded by the fact that it was made mostly by one person. Genuinely impressive and it shows what Minecraft as a creativity toy/tool is capable of.
  • @damienb3440
    Scar's discovery of Stress's egg is very....scar
  • @airakimgad9745
    Hypno has keen eyes while Pearlo is just so curious. Both are so formidable with finding those eggs. Meanwhile.. Gregg was very much visible, it just taunted a lot of people if they can even reach him. Very fitting.
  • @DahliaInPurple
    Those eggs have been such a great addition to the season! They're so adorable and have found so many creative uses, shout out to Jev for the original event!
  • @decimozs
    The real impressive thing is Tango managed to finish edit this video before the fans. I was waiting for Decked Out 2 Fan lol
  • @martonnagy8939
    Hypno: I noticed a suspicious wall in a previous run, so i will methodically check if there is an egg behind it. Scar: AAAAAAAAAAA I ran into a wall AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA why is Stress here? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (heartbeat at 180bpm) [...] Wait, how did i get there?
  • @DriestApollo
    Scar finding stress is just the most hilarious find. screams Why is stress in here?!
  • @John-Smlth
    0:05 Bdubs egg - Found by Cub 0:21 Joehills egg - Found by Hypno 0:41 Ijevin egg - Found by Hypno 1:06 Iskall egg - Found by Pearl 1:48 Hypno egg - Found by Hypno 2:30 Zedaph egg - Found by Hypno 2:59 Stress egg - Found by Scar 3:44 Beef egg - Found by Pearl 4:13 Docm egg - Found by Pearl 5:00 Xbcrafted egg - Found by Docm 5:36 golden egg - Found by Hypno 5:51 Impulse egg - Found by False 6:20 Welsknight egg - Found by Pearl 6:49 Xisuma egg - Found by Pearl 7:07 Pearl egg - Found by Pearl 7:55 Cubfan egg - Found by Hypno 8:43 Grian egg - Found by Cubfan 9:06 ZombieCleo egg - Found by Pearl 9:48 Scar egg - Found by Pearl (unshown) Falsegg - Found by Scar Totals: Pearl found 8 eggs Hypno found 6 eggs Cub and Scar found 2 eggs each False and Docm found 1 egg each
  • @HeartGamer26
    The Easter Eggs were a great idea and I just love that Scar just stumbled into finding Stress' egg, such a Scar thing to do.
  • @sanautin
    It seems so long ago that Jevin hosted his Easter Egg hunt, and here we are..... Wow, what a season we've had so far with Hermitcraft, and there's still lots more to come.
  • @ValleyofLilacs
    I just took a college tour the other day, specific to their game design program because that’s what I’m considering going into. The professor was talking about some of the skills or methods that are developed throughout the program and the entire time I was just mentally noting “oh I saw tango go through that process for decked out” and such it was pretty cool !
  • @Questerer
    I can’t wait for the speedrunning community to adopt DO2 as a game to play and do an “visit all easter eggs” run.
  • @palmstudios3
    I love how those Easter eggs are worth something so powerful
  • @lolli_popples
    Hypno and Pearl did SO WELL there was barely ANY OTHER competition. (And they both found their own eggs!)
  • @yusaki8064
    Honestly, Pearl and Hypno should get an extra card called Egg Hunter. Where it would work a bit like Speedrunner. At the beginning of the round, X amount of embers and crowns would be deposited in one random egg barrel and be removed after 5 minutes. It would be nice if they got a tangible reward like that for the work they put in. Hypno sacrificed so many runs searching for eggs.
  • Love Pearl’s excitement at finding her own egg! Thanks for putting this together, Tango. The other day I was literally trying to find a compilation video that showed all the hermits finding the eggs.
  • @OthoBuilds
    Only Scar can accidentally run into a Easter egg location