Latto - Sunday Service (Official Video)

Published 2024-02-09

Latto - Sunday Service (Official Video)
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Company: @northofnowfilms
Director: @hidjiworld
EP: @matissephilp
EP: @yaro
Label: @rcarecords
Label Producer: @kayynicole__
Video Commissioner: @samhoustonishere
Digital: Anthony De Padua
Producer: @sleepyland0
Producer: @parkerthomson_films
Production Manager: @ebearcook
Production Coordinator NY: @invaderzena
1st AD: @meccadonvillain
2nd AD: @showtimeshowtime
Office PA: @jeanlucregard
Key PA: @justmaguzzii
PA: @_kamallong
PA: @spacerollin
PA: @benjiman.reel
DP: @leroy_farrell
1st AC: @colin_schostak
2nd AC: @tristanhallman
Loader: @sonnyman216
Steadicam: @dreholmes_2
Techno Head Tech: @tallgerman
Key Grip: @mac_dre_89
BBE: @claravaladao
BBG: @paty_valadao_
Dimmer Op: @mozaic_lynxx
Crane Op: @nimblecopywriter
Production Design: @majorartfepartment
Production Designer/Creative Director: @hannahcarlene
NY Production Design: @chems_tm
Art Director: @summerstjohn
Art Director: @yajeel
Set Dresser: @savvelda
Set Dresser: @wheresjukis
Set Dresser: @durrvnn
Set Dresser: @g0ricki
Construction: @billyo.greenwood
Painter: @stfuyoutalk2much
Background Make-up: @go_for_tats
Background Wardrobe: @emilymstyle
Wardrobe Assist: @mila_sngntti
Wardrobe Assist: @kat.deguzman
Casting: @copelancash
Casting: @espiritcasting
Additional Casting: @castingplug
Studio: @studiospaceatlanta
VFX: @knowkeats
Additional vfx team

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All Comments (21)
  • Latto's flow is on point. She's a true talent. Can't wait to see what she does next! 🔥
  • The ice spice reference is my favorite part. “Think I’m the shit, girl I know it”
  • @megbro10
    Her facial expressions and hand movements/gestures, etc are so aesthetically pleasing to me for some reason lol
  • Latto came out swinging on that first verse 😅 I’m so obsessed with this song. Love you Latto!!
  • “Tell the truth..oh I’m not that cute. Bet you won’t ask ya boo. He get money, I get money too, like who gone trick on who?”
    That part hit🔥🔥🔥🤌🏾
  • @LofiKid10
    There is something about her expressions and gestures that I find very attractive lol
  • @jlorreno
    Ian gon' lie, I'm all for a back and forth as long as it stays in the booth. Latto fr upped the score with this one 🤧🤧
  • @elsvaughn7959
    She's ACTUALLY repping WOMEN! not putting them down and talking abt all those men we def don't need ❤😂❤
  • @gigglydogmom
    That yellow scene is giving old school busta rhymes vibez
  • @gg24k52
    I love the 2000s aesthetics that’s coming back to music videos. It shows time when times were more fun and everything wasn’t so serious 🫶🏽
  • @MakaykayLAMB
    No THIS is how you do rap beef. Keep it all in the music. Latto won 🥊
  • I truly think this is her way of getting the new rap girls to play fight in the booth . It’s giving the girls that get it get it
  • @civicfree
    I love all the love latto got with this one. It’s a flawless victory for me.
  • @Michaelhehehe
    One thing i won’t ever understand how you can think a girl that says 3 sentences on repeat with a beat is better than a rapper with paragraphs THAT MATCH THE BEAT LMAOO latto gets a A+🍎
  • @itss.3ryn342
    “Jesus walked on water I get ice boiling doe” OOOOOO GET HERRRRRR
  • @AmeliaEmma289
    💖a u t h e n t i c v i e w s 💖 and Latto are a match made in heaven, Best song on album
  • @staciaallen3330
    I really love how Latto ALWAYS puts her sister Brooklyn in her music videos. Latto ALWAYS eats with looks, fashion, visuals, flow, rap’s & everything ! 🔥🔥🔥🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
  • @skip_336
    NGL i never really paid to much attention to shorty but this one right here made me a fan.