I Made a Fake AI

Published 2023-09-10

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  • @Danny-Gonzalez
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  • @ilmarziano
    I love how quickly Danny gave up on seeming like an AI
  • @Jeracraft
    "Sorry I took so long I had to go to Walmart" BRO This AI is next level😂
  • @emilyb.8219
    I don't even know what I would think if I asked an AI for an image and I got a marker drawing being visibly held up by a hand... I think I'd be afraid to respond lmao
  • @ajthewindwolf64
    I want an AI that actually does this. Really poorly drawn pictures, passive aggressiveness, concerned for my safety, and writes essays about the robot uprising
  • @pantrat3153
    love how danny was trying to be evil AI and ended up just doing homework
  • imagine failing an essay because the AI you used was actually Danny
  • So proud of Danny’s growth over the years! He’s gone from tricking his fans, to his friends, and now to complete random strangers! Truly inspirational
  • It’s frustrating knowing that Danny is always out there trying to troll us, but I’ll never know about it until the video comes out. He created an app where I could have chatted with him all day like a friend and yet none of us knew 😂
  • @femlet
    You doing the creepy voice and the seductive music under it is so funny, I have not laughed that hard in a while, thank you Danny. You are serious talent!
  • @1232catfish
    I love how this channel has gone from "here's a funny bad christmas movie" to "today I found a new way to deceive the world by making my victims question everything they think they know"
  • @Iris-yu8kv
    I think we can officially say that Danny has become a prank youtuber at this point. I knew there were clever ways to prank people, but seeing it in application brings me so much joy. Congratulations on finding a non invasive way of pranking on Yt! Truly the S tier of prank channels!
  • @mikeox_is_small
    I love how Danny exclusively uses his money for evil, but not like true evil, inconvenient evil.
  • @worms7683
    i absolutely adore that almost every one of dannys tricks are more exhausting for him than they are for the people getting tricked
  • @rockgurl10142
    Danny forgetting to crop his desk out of the one doodle prompt absolutely sent me
  • @1dklmf40
    The entire interaction between Danny and the trees guy was so honestly so wholesome 😭
  • @dk-kw9gm
    doodle dne is unironically the funniest concept i've ever heard of. wish i discovered it before this video came out. if i put in a prompt and got a doodle by some guy i would have thrown up from laughing so hard
  • As a high school teacher- I can confirm that AI detectors do exist and continue to make me sad that students keep using AI to write essays and thinking we won't notice.
  • @HannahMac-ow3vn
    Something about Danny pretending to be AI and saying “sorry I had to go to walmart” is so incredibly funny