Top 10 Greatest Warriors in Westeros

Published 2022-04-05
Who are the top ten best fighters in A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones? Jaime Lannister? Gregor Clegane? Barristan Selmy? Number seven will shock you.

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Correction: Khrazz isn't Dothraki, he's just a Meereenese pit fighter who happens to use an arakh.

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0:00 Intro
0:21 #10: Victarion Greyjoy
1:54 #9: Loras Tyrell
3:09 #8: Brienne
5:01 #7: Garlan Tyrell
5:48 #6: Gregor Clegane
7:30 #5: Sandor Clegane
8:59 #4: Robert Baratheon
10:27 #3: Jaime Lannister
12:00 #2: Barristan Selmy
13:50 Honourable Mentions
15:10 #1: Arthur Dayne

All Comments (21)
  • dm9910
    I think you're unfair towards Oberyn. He does "lose" the one fight that we see, but that had nothing to do with fighting prowess. He absolutely dismantles Gregor, and has him at his mercy. He could've easily finished the job if he wanted, but he deliberately delayed the kill in order to extract a confession. A fatal mistake, sure, but that was down to unusual circumstances and not his lack of ability.
  • Anthonest
    Oberyn effortlessly beat the Mountain in battle, not a single detail in the entire chapter indicates he even exerted himself in the slightest. After reading the series over a bunch ive got to say its probably the most one sided single combat next to Barristan vs Khraz. He deserves a spot without a doubt off of feats alone.
  • tim mo
    A TV show of Robert's Rebellion would be amazing.

    Imagine the storylines: a young, cocky Jamie Lannister, falling for his sister and all the guilt that would bring - offset by his burgeoning skill. A young Robert - played by the actor who portrayed Gendry - bearded and buffed up. A young Ned Stark, with all the ideals, trying to steer Robert right. All the side characters, fleshed out, Arthur Dayne, Barristan Selmy, the Mad King's descent. That would have been the story to make - familiar characters, but its own story.
  • Sam Davison
    One of my favourite scenes in the show (which is taken straight from the books) is when Ser Barristan is dismissed from the Kingsguard. He is understandably furious and draws his sword, saying “Even now I could cut through the five of you as easy as a dagger cuts cheese.” The whole room goes silent and still. This happens because they know Ser Barristan is right. They KNOW that if he wanted to kill anyone in that room, there would be nothing they could do to stop him. So good!
  • zLucas 50
    I'm surprised the Smiling Knight didn't appear at the top, considering that, according to Jaime Lannister, everyone dreamed of killing him. In fact, defeating the Smiling Knight is considered one of Arthur Dayne's greatest feats. Also, in the book, he recounts that he had a long exchange of swords against him, which leaves me with the conclusion that he was very adept at holding Arthur Dayne to the point that his sword would break, basically a bandit that could kill you too easily.
  • kkkelp
    Barristan Selmy can be pretty much described with a single quote "Beware of an old man in a profession where men usually die young"
  • kronos1794
    Arthur was 100% that good. Jamie doesn't mess around when giving praise and he knows what elites like Selmy are capable of and yet he still puts Arthur above without question.
  • Robert Baratheon for me is #1. Guy fought more large-scale battles than everyone else in the list combined as barely a late teen, (won 3 in a day, that's insane) he defeated one of the greatest warriors of his time and then personally crushed the Greyjoy Rebellion like a Lvl. 100 Boss doing side missions. An older, obese, drunk Robert manhandled a prime Jaime Lannister like he was a toddler and he even managed to kill the boar that got him with a puny knife while being pissdrunk and disemboweled. His was the Fury.
  • Trollselektor
    Someone not mentioned here is Cregan Stark. He's regarded by Prince Aemon the Dragoknight (a legendary warrior who should probably be on this list as well) as being the most skilled swordsmen he's ever faced. I'm a little hopeful that we get to see something of him in action in HOTD as he is the current Warden of the North. We'll probably meet him anyway in the first episode of season 2 as Jacaerys is flying to meet him.
  • wfield123
    I think the show handled ned and Howland Reed's fight with Arthur Dayne pretty well honestly. It fits with neds arch and why he is so quiet about the whole affair. Noble myths aside Ned was always going to protect his family, even if it meant an unchivalrous kill
  • Some other honourable mentions:
    -Jorah Mormont: fights in Robert's rebellion, then is one of the most recognized warriors during the siege of Pyke, then he wins the tourney at lannisport and after his exile he fights as a sellsword for years. After that comes Dany and all he did for her.
    -Jason Mallister: A renowned tourney night, like Jorah he did great in the Greyjoy's rebellion (he killed one of Theon's brothers) and even better at the trident, in more recent times he accomplished great results fighting for Robb.
    -Harras Harlaw: A knight who has a valyrian steel sword, during the taking of the shields he defeats seven men to claim Greyshield. Victarion says he used to thrash him when they were young, but who knows if the same would happen now.
    -Qhorin Halfhand: Considered a living legend by NW members and wildlings alike, who ventured outside the wall for decades, making it farer than anyone else. When he lost half of his right hand he managed to get as good with his left.
    -Areo Hotah: Trained with the bearded priests for about a decade, then served as a guard for Mellario and house Martell for the rest of his life, he hasn't done much in the story but he killed a kingsguard without a sweat.
  • TottiKarotti
    The fact that Barristan lived to his 60s is proof alone that he was/is an incredible fighter. The amount of fights and battles he must have survived is incredible.
  • Troy Koeppel
    Qhorin halfhand deserved an honorable mention based on how John describes him in the books. He lost his sword hand and learned how to fight with his other hand and was still considered the watches most renowned ranger and fighter
  • Pedro H
    I feel like you should've mentioned that Brienne fought a literal bear with nothing but a short dress and a wooden sword and survived long enough without major wounds till she got rescued
  • Jack C
    I think Euron greyjoy deserves an honorable mention as well, purely through inference. The man is a cunning manipulator and capable of immense cruelty, not to mention he braved the doom of Valyria to retrieve a number of artifacts, and nearly every Ironman is afraid of him to the extent that even victarion wouldn't dare try to fight him (though the sorcery might have something to do with that)
  • W
    Ser Barristan standing in front of the Kingsguard after being excised, insulted, drawing his sword, knowing he could kill them all but staying his hand for his honor's sake... yet still letting them know, "Even now, I could cut through the five of you like carving a damn cake."

    That has to be the most badass thing ever written. Even if he's not the best fighter, he definitely wins on style.
  • Joshua Wood
    Ser Brynden Tully “The Blackfish” in the books and the show he is greatly revered for his feats in battle. Syrio Forel another greatly renowned swordsman, unfortunately he is unarmed and unarmored, and well past his prime the only fight we get to see.
  • Sam Edwards
    Qhorin Halfhand has got to be up there somewhere. Already a deadly swordsman, he loses some fingers, trains with the other hand, and is described as even deadlier than before. Armored knights get a lot of credit, as they should, but Qhorin had been warring and fighting in the most inhospitable lands this side of Asshai for decades