Living With The WORLD'S STRONGEST FAMILY For 24 Hours!

Published 2023-08-22
This was one of the HARDEST challenges I've ever had to do!!
500k likes and I'll let the strongest 10 year old CONTROL my life!!

Special thanks to the Bowen family :) DOWNLOAD THE Bowen family's app for workout tips:…

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All Comments (21)
  • @brentrivera
    hey :) this was one of the most challenging videos I've done! so enjoy! hahaha
  • @NoelB.Jarvis
    Living with the world's strongest family for 24 hours promises to be an extraordinary and exhilarating experience, providing a unique glimpse into the daily lives of individuals who have achieved unparalleled levels of strength and athleticism.
  • @jessecoe4943
    The mom is very strong in the strong family. And I didn't know why. I like that she's strong. Girl power😊😂🎉
  • @AAvfx
    Brent, that was an amazing challenge! I can't believe you survived! You're a true champion. I'm looking forward to seeing who the strongest 10-year-old is that you let control your life. I'm sure it's going to be a wild ride!
  • @AyalahZagey
    I like the 10 year old she isn't afraid and she has so much confidence like for example if a big man tried to kidnap her who would win you properly think it would be the kidnapper but no the next thing you walk in and see her standing on him and the kidnnaper just got betan up by a 10 year old I think she could even beat up my boxing coach
  • @TheForlands321
    I love Brents videos they are so entertaining and fun to watch!
  • @ShirleyNegrette
    The dad is just like welcome sla uh the day is gonna be great
  • @joedabate7431
    We all agree Brody’s showdown is beyond greater thank Brent’s 27.2 mil subscribers ❤ Funniest video yet 😂
  • @user-gd9gn3uf5m
    It's funny, because we all know that the family was told to be extreme for the video. But we all loved it l o l.
  • @jessecoe4943
    Like why does that family do push-ups everyday? That's weird isn't it? But I do push up sometimes. And I like doing push-ups cuz it makes you be stronger❤😊🎉😂.
    Bruh I’m sooo excited he puts so much effort into his videos I’m so proud❤
  • @animallovers2335
    Drew is the most strongest he was the bravest thing he bought for a lot😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮🎉🎉🎉🎉