pov: "you stopped caring about what others think" - a vent playlist

Published 2022-02-12
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♥️ charac†er: Mari
♥️ game: Omori


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✨ l_i_k_e a_n_d s_u_b_c_r_i_b_e t_o s_e_e m_o_r_e o_f t_h_i_s ✨


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  • Sophie
    Hayloft II by Mother Mother // 0:00 - 3:35
    Enemy by Imagine Dragons // 3:36 - 6:27
    Backstaber by Ke$ha // 6:28 - 9:35
    Jenny by Studio Killers // 9:36 - 13:10
    Alien Blues by Vundabar // 13:11 - 15:46
    My Alcoholic Friends by The Dresden Dolls // 15:47 - 18:33
    Bananas x Temperature (TikTok Remix) // 18:34 - 22:09
    No Idea by Don Toliver // 22:10 - 24:45
    Amour Plastique by VIDEOCLUB // 24:46 - 28:31
    I Love You So by The Walters // 28:32 - 31:11
    It’s Been So Long by The Living Tombstone // 31:12 - 34:05
    Masquerade by siouxxie // 34:06 - 36:30
    Mujeriego by Ryan Castro // 36:31 - 38:53
    Get Into It (Yuh) by Doja Cat // 38:54 - 41:11
    In My Room by Insane Clown Posse // 41:12 - 45:02
  • The_Loser
    You know that playlist is good...when you have all this songs in your fav playlist
  • /- little Foxy -/
    можно смело включать в наушниках во время онлайн уроков, как раз 45 минут..
  • Azazel the Fallen
    We will always care what others think of us. That much is natural. But if you contort yourself to be who others think you are, you will only kill your own spirit.
  • Fellow human
    “Don’t ask ‘Why me?’, instead, say ‘Try me.’ “

    This quote. This single quote. A sentence. A few words. These ‘meaningless’ words I read on a TikTok, stopped me from crying at night after a long hard day of being yelled at and arguing. I was on the verge of tears. “Why me? Why me?” I kept asking myself, than I remembered the quote. The “Why me?” Soon became “Try me.” Remember this quote. It helped me so much. If you ever feel down, or upset, don’t ask “Why me? Why is this happening to me?” Don’t say “I don’t deserve this.” Instead, say “Try me. Try all you like, but I won’t be down. I’ll be confident. I’ll confront my problems and I’ll win against them.” Remember you can be strong if you want to be strong.

    I hope this quote helps you as much as it helped me. Be confident in who you are. Don’t doubt yourself. You’ve got this. ❤️
  • Hari_ :D
    "Você não realmente se odeia, vc odeia a versão que vc criou que te impede de ser vc mesmo" que essa frase te ajude como me ajudou
  • Fang

    At the age of 6, I became uncomfortable with physical affection (hugs, kisses, etc.) in my family, & decided it was time to set my very first boundary. Spoiler: It didn't go very well. My discomfort was dismissed as "a phase I'd grow out of."

    But no matter how I tried, I did not grow out of these feelings.
    I tried to make up for my lack of showing physical affection with other ways of demonstrating love.

    But of course, it wasn't good enough. It was never good enough.
    I was called "mean," "cold," "distant," and even once told-- at 7 years old, by my own father-- that if I didn't change,
    I was on the path to growing up to become a SERIAL KILLER.

    Of course, being young & him being someone I looked up to, I believed this for a long time.
    And became deathly afraid of this fate.

    It was as if I was being forced to accept everyone else's form of love,
    but they had no intentions of accepting mine.

    And eventually...

    I said, "fuck it."
    I thought, "why am I trying SO hard to protect everyone else's feelings at the expense of my own?"
    And for a while, I'd actually become a "mean," "cold," and "distant" person.

    Because if boundaries were "mean," why was I trying so hard to be nice?
    I've since had my boundaries taken more seriously by most family I'm close with,
    as a lot of them realize they'd made a mistake in how they handled this.

    Others (allegedly) have no recollection of these days.
    Which I find to be unfair, being that I have to relive & remember them constantly.

    I'm 17 now and it still hurts...
    But it's been 10 years and I have not yet killed anyone, so ;-)
  • боже это так шикарно когда ты сидишь на подаконнике смотришь в окно смотришь на машины и забиваешь на все проблемы включая такие плейлисты
  • Honey B.Z
    Сделайте пожалуйста этот плейлист в спотифай. Хорошо подобраны треки
  • Ghost Sheep
    When Hayloft II came out originally I didn't like it that much, mainly because it was wildly different than what I was expecting, but I've really come around, it's super good without the context of the og
  • _Motoya_ Komori_
    I think I've just stopped caring altogether and not in a good way. No mater what I do I always feel so unsatisfied, I know that makes me greedy when I've got people giving me love, a family but nothing feels like it's enough for me anymore. How do you make that feeling go away? How do you satisfy a feeling when the feeling itself IS unsatisfaction? Maybe that sounds stupid idk
  • Kiwi
    °This playlist is my everything 🤩 °
  • Curshed.MP4
    Mari de fondo, de las mejores canciones y un título con el que me identifico- de las mejores playlist.
  • y4rits_0vo
    la verdad llore con esto y pues me desahogue lo puso al 100 de volumen y como estoy(mis padres no estan)lo cante a todo pulmon y me gusto gracias por esta gran playlist ;D
  • Robert ???
    очень круто было бы сохраняй вы эти плейлисты еще и в спотифае, ооочень многие дико зашли, спасибо
  • I finally found this Playlist after just coming out to my cousins as nonbinary. Turns out one of them is bi but the other is definitely homophobic. And I just stopped caring what they thought of me. It took years for this point. Because the homophobic one has been kinda toxic to me
  • coral xerophilous
    i actually started just not caring about the others thoughts on me after being the therapist friend for way to long and this playlist gives me soooo much confidence
  • duckyisevil
    slowly I am regaining my confidence and stopping caring about people playlist is pretty good!