I Can't Trust My Friends After Playing This Game

Published 2022-09-25
This game, West Hunt, ain't big enough for the two of us.
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Friends in the video:

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All Comments (21)
  • Munkoi
    I love the straight five damn minutes of Smitty just following Grizzy omfg
  • NorthernLaw
    Grizzy trying to figure out who it was while Smii7y was following him for 10 minutes was the best thing ever
  • I can’t believe this game actually gave Smitty trust issues. That’s something new.
  • Kameron Smith
    Grizzys mental break broke me I couldn't stop laughing at it for who knows how long

    Edit: Thank you for 2k likes I'm actually amazed at how many I got
  • unic3127
    theres such an incredible roster of games that fits with smii7y and his friends lmfao
  • Mr Barrel
    The mental breakdowns had me in stitches
  • A Laughing Wolf
    With Smitty and his friends’ humor, anything that has a western setting already sounds like a bad idea, because at least one of them is bound to get canceled.
  • Mitchell Hennig
    Puffer screaming "She's a witch!' to Matt saying "I have a pussy." made me laugh uncontrollably for about a minute.
  • NoelJeffrey
    Grizzy: “I got your back, I’m watching.”
    Smii7y and Blarg: Ima ruin this whole man’s career.
  • Lumi Katen
    Grizzy screaming “It’s the damn furry!” Is really funny to me for some reason
  • SW3RVY
    Grizzy's mental breakdowns are hilarious
  • Spartan Nick
    Seeing them getting all angry with trust issues and being paranoid and confused on who's who is fun to see.
  • SilliestBob
    Grizzy: "Take a shot in the dark Puffer."
    Puffer: "Aight Billy Ray"
    Had me rolling 😂
  • MALiii117 T.C.B
    5:29 I almost choked on food cuz of this one interaction between Smity and Grizzy
  • AshRhodesGaming
    8:49 to 9:00 i think is the COLDEST bit I've ever seen from these guys 🤣

    Just the stance up after the deduction was so good!
  • Easton Jones
    These videos always seem to make a smile on my face because of how funny you guys are