Published 2022-07-27

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  • Ben Azelart
    Can you subscribe with your nose?👃🏼🧐
  • Slade Tichenor
    This guy has no boundaries on how crazy he can get with his videos
  • Ailsa Ni
    The confidence Ben has breaking all these rules is through the roof lol. My anxiety could never handle breaking 100 rules
  • Inapparent
    37 Mill views ina month. Keep killin it Ben!
  • Kelly Osborne
    take a minute to apretiat how much time he puts into the videos just for us and ben we do have a smile on our face
  • Your Mom
    Let’s just take a second in appreciate all what Ben does in his videos to make us happy
  • Emmaplays😘
    Lexi : are you injured? 🤕
    Cam: I think so
    Lexi: wooohoo 🥳
  • aiuc lse
    I love how he spend time making videos for us and then sometimes he actually get hurt and also done!
  • LuvlyEmber
    Ben:I can't do a double flip
    Ben at the waterpark: *dose a double flip*
  • Anastasia Sky
    he never let us not smile all the way through the video! keep up the the amazing work!
  • eroi bior
    Ben never fails to make me laugh, whenever I'm having a stressful day Ben makes it better with his videos. Thank you Ben
  • Jeff Holling
    respect for the editor who made his content be more and more amazing
  • Olivia
    Bens videos are all ways crazy and entertaining We all love you Ben Thanks for all your hard work Man 💘
  • Lets all appreciate the effort and hard work Ben puts into his videos for our entertainment
  • NovaGaming
    POV:Ben His Editor: how much do you want this staged?
    Ben: Yes