TEKKEN 8 – King Gameplay Trailer

Published 2023-03-17

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  • absoul112
    I love the thought of King delivering a promo in nothing but his signature roars and growls.
  • JustRei
    The way King is taking hits like its nothing and comes back with a very impactful punch feels personal 😭
  • TimeBucks
    This was the trailer I've been waiting for.
  • Ita K
    When he had the mic and all you can hear were growls, it made me smile from ear to ear. King is definitely an amazing character. So glad he's in the game.
  • henry geronimo
    I had a friend called Edward who was a great king player in Tekken 3.
    He died a long time ago,and king always make me remember him.
    He really was a king fan from the first tekken
  • Slick Silver
    I will always love 2 things about King.
    1: he only ever communicates in roars and growls
    2: Everyone can understand him.
  • Geek Adda
    Judging by the views on their character trailers, King is the most famous Tekken fighter. It makes me happy since he's always been my favorite
  • Alex Talbain
    King is really becoming the face of Tekken and as someone who mains him, I couldn't be happier.

    Also, he looks FUCKING EPIC!
  • Hannah Mabbott
    Love the fact that Bandai Namco included Aztec/ mayan culture in his design for those who didn't see it look carefully at his Cape and what he has fastening it.
  • Kevin Geisenhof
    Love King gestures here: he is showing more of his personality, and I will always aprecciate that. Also, wow! Love that new stage!
  • R'lyeh the Dead
    King and Yoshimitsu were always my favorite. Loving this King!
  • Huzaifa Masud
    King has literally never ever looked more scary to play against. Insane!!
  • Shadow Net
    I don't even main King but this was a masterpiece.
  • ID IZ ME
    HE LOOKS SO DAMN COOOOL!!! He has so much wieght in his hits and his grabs look fantastic! I am fairly fresh to Tekken but I have been a religious grappler main through fighting games and King was my favourite the moment I touched Tekken 7. And my good god does it feel great to see him look this amazing in Tekken 8
  • sam cook
    I’m crazy excited for Bryan now 🤯 every character in these trailers were so magical fitting to the characters in terms of atmospheric things
  • The sheer brutal animalistic power of that beast. Not only does he look more detailed and colorful, he now even has veins popping. And he even managed to be more powerful and fast than before. This alone is enough to make me want to get the game at full price when it comes out.
  • Dan the MaN
    The hyper for king is so unreal, a million views just in a day.
    Absolutely love king 👑👑👑