New Super Cursed Halo : Undefined Edition

Published 2022-06-30

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  • LightWarrior Kaz
    Inferno: "It's just not Cursed Halo, unless the player has the ability to break the game for themselves at any given moment."

    Jared: "I just realized that the crash gun can make the game crash."
  • Meron Lod
    Fun fact: when he segfaulted my GPU driver crashed immediately. Somehow cursed Halo curses even those who watch it.
  • InhaledPack
    Boy I can’t wait to play Halo Combat Evolved Custom Cursed Definitive Directors Cut Remastered Restored Reloaded Reborn Reconstructed Replayed Edition 5: The revenge of the D20
  • Burritozi11a
    InfernoPlus be like "this game is bullshit".

    My brother in Christ, you made the mod.
  • justsomeloserlol
    fun fact: whenever ProtonJon was blinded, he was trying to beat ninja gaiden for the NES, someone in his chat said he'd donate 1000$ if he beat it before halo, he did it and then started TMNT turtles in time
  • Non ya
    Grunt being flung into the atmosphere: 'NOT AGAIN!'
    What type of life has that grunt lived?
  • Aaron Bowerman
    The "excuse me, your reading comprehension is not my problem" at 17:26 is I think the greatest summary of Inferno.
  • StacheMan26
    I was quite honestly expecting the warthog tool gun to pick randomly from a list of the myriad cursed hogs each time it fired instead of just shooting the normal one. Missed opportunity, IMO.
  • SephirothRyu
    1. A rocket launcher with a marine head sticking out the front. It would fire... marines.
    2. A flood form that hovers in the air (just use the sentinel AI but replace the model with a Flood model?). It would be wearing the FLUDD from Super Mario Sunshine. So yes. A flood with a FLUD.
    3. A "gun" that is literally just a sleeping grunt you pick up and hold by the neck. It plays scared grunt noises and fires erratically in front of you when you "fire" it.
  • TK_the_Onion
    0:52 "not again"
    This implies the grunt has experienced this exact scenario
  • TheRandomLurker
    Next version of this mod, Katamari turrets. If you roll them into things, they'll stick to the turret and make it grow larger
  • albinobigfoot1
    At this point, after hearing that cursed halo got an update, I’m shocked it wasn’t dark souls being added to halo.
  • Laytonaster
    You missed an opportunity to call the Peepee gun "My Super Laser Piss".
  • Lily Dusk
    Thank you for making this

    Also would it be possible to make a sniper rifle that causes you to spin 360° before firing? I tried something along those lines years ago but could never figure it out lol

    Bonus points for the sniper rifle to have the scope removed from its model
  • This was SO MUCH FUN lol, thanks for all the hard work dude; totally made the stream way more memorable
  • phsyco tater360
    Inferno is one of my favorite creators cause this absolute chad just spends months showing off a mod and occasionally gives us new awesome meme mods at random, but he both makes gaming more fun, while also providing entertaining videos. Such a mad lad.
  • TheArklyte
    Hopefully for "Cursest Halo" edition you'd dip for weird ideas into RTS(what first iteration of Halo was designed as) and immersive sim(what Marathon kind of dipped into at times as many people noted that it was at weird halfway mark between Doom and System Shock). Let's help the player cause some NPCs battle and force Chief to hack panels himself because Cortana is not in the mood!;)
  • KorbinPlays
    For people who want to download the mod for MCC on gamepass, it works the same way as MCC on Steam; however you have to know where your game files are located as there isn't a browse local files button in gamepass.
  • The Chekhov's gun of the crash gun was brilliantly set up, amazing writing.

    Also, unironically having to drive a bunch of dumb, broken warthogs in the final stretch is honestly hype.
  • TheVocalButcher
    Dude thanks again for joining us for the Race! Was a pleasure having you join us for the chaos!