Thanksgiving Stereotypes

Published 2022-11-19
Thanksgiving Stereotypes… Love ‘em or hate ‘em, we all know ‘em!

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Comment: What's the best Thanksgiving side?!

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All Comments (21)
  • Jacob Rucquoi
    My family's version of the prayerrrrrrr involves a prayer in each language represented at the table. This year we totaled 6, with Spanish, English, Arabic, Italian, Hebrew, and Korean.
  • FC70
    I absolutely love the stereotypes they make.
  • Dave Owen
    And a bedtime stereotypes- it would be hilarious!!
  • Jakob Nester
    This was so hilarious, dude perfect you always make awesome videos. Keep it up guys
  • Master_Pankace_9
    I absolutely love how the editors appear in stereotypes, it absolutely makes the video. Love it guys keep it up!
  • Boba Fett
    The cousins aspect is very accurate. Omega insisted on bringing her chaotic brothers with her this year. The big one broke the table
  • fairy hunter
    Every single video has the rage monster, thank you so much
  • Maleah Diggs
    👏🏾😂 Literally so accurate! 🖤 My favorite parts is when Coby and Cory become emo, the turkey coma, the overeater, the prayer, the favorite dish, the Rage Monster, the turkey trot, and the early Christmas celebrators! Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍽🧡
  • UserKayx
    2:32 i genuinely thought that’s where the rage monster would breakout
  • TheMaimi2007
    The “casual” football scene is like when I go to PE🤣
  • There was so much happening with the twins in this one 😂 A lot of this was both accurate and killed me, but Coby with the succulent and Cory hopping around with the tree were amazing 😂
  • The kids table graduate is so relatable lol and can we just mention that Tyler can still do the rage monster perfectly after all the years!😆 Happy thanksgiving 🍁🦃 yall!