Avicii, Maroon 5, Coldplay, Alan Walker, Alok, The Chainsmokers Cover ⛅️ Summer Vibes Deep House

Published 2023-06-11
Avicii, Maroon 5, Coldplay, Alan Walker, Alok, The Chainsmokers Cover ⛅️ Summer Vibes Deep House

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Track list:

00:00 Dj Alex Man, Dj Diac, HALUNA - I’m Blue
03:11 Veronica Bravo, Le Bober - Faded
05:55 Twin, Jessica Chertock - Love Me Like You Do
09:03 Harddope, LexMorris, Veronica Bravo - Flowers
11:19 Twin , Elise Lieberth - In The End
14:08 Ben Plum, Twin - Let Me Love You
17:05 LexMorris, HALUNA - Summertime Sadness
19:47 Ben Plum, Alosa - Girls Like You
22:34 Max Martis, Medusa - Señorita
25:23 Alban Chela, Jessica Chertock - Lonely Together
28:04 Cale, HALUNA - A Sky Full Of Stars
31:08 Titov, Rachela - Titanium
34:01 Dj Goja, Magic Phase - Calm Down
37:03 DJ Alex Man, Britt - You Broke Me First
39:34 DJ Diac, ARIS - Broken Angel
42:34 Cale, HALUNA - Hymn For The Weekend
45:08 Cale, HALUNA - Payphone
47:51 Le Bober - More Than You Know
51:01 LexMorris, Michelle Ray - What Is Love
53:55 Twin, Veronica Bravo - We Don't Talk Anymore
56:56 LexMorris, Sara Phillips - Somebody That I Used To Know
59:34 Boostereo, Veronica Bravo - Fly Me To The Moon
1:02:17 Twin, Margad - Sunflower
1:04:41 Veronica Bravo, Twin - Save Your Tears
1:07:48 Alban Chela, Mike L, Overheat - Love Yourself

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  • @user-my2yy8uc2x
    ¡Su calidad de sonido y sus increíbles habilidades vocales son increíbles!
  • @miriamsilva9742
    Fazendo meu projeto de mestrado e curtindo esse som até melhorou a concentração e a disposição!
  • @user-fs3ix9qr8r
    Não, entendo nada do que se canta ,mais amo ouvi-las obrigado por postar. Que Deus o abençoe sempre.
  • @PopularSongsM
    Music has this amazing ability to be a comforting companion during times of solitude. It's heartening to hear that these songs have been a source of solace and positivity for you, turning moments of loneliness into opportunities for self-enjoyment. The right music has a way of lifting spirits and making days brighter. Keep embracing those tunes that resonate with you, and may they continue to bring joy and comfort to your days!
  • The person who is reading this comment , i wish you great success , health, love and happiness😍
  • @FloriaShidel
    Amazing mix! The songs mashed up work so well together ! 🎉 💪
  • Gracias! muy buen playlist! <3 ideal para trabajar en modo godín, te relaja pero te mantiene con ánimo!
  • @masantos4290
    Ouvindo o vídeo enquanto estudo, é muito bom 😆
  • @user-uw9jh1wq5m
    oh my god this playlist is bomb! thank you for sharing! listening to this while doing my schoolworks, such a mood booster
  • @deepmusic19
    Music is a powerful medium that has the ability to evoke a wide range of emotions. Whether you're feeling happy or sad, energized or relaxed, there's a song out there that can perfectly capture and convey those feelings. face-red-heart-shapeface-red-heart-shape