Take a Virtual Reality tour of six REAL exoplanets (4K, 360° VR experience) | We The Curious

Published 2017-09-22
What would it be like to stand on the surface of another planet? We teamed up with astrophysicists to create a scientifically accurate, VR tour of 6 exoplanets.

Find out more about our search for exoplanets at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vnke9...

Strap on a VR headset, surf the giant waves of Kepler-62e, and gaze across the lava fields of 55 Cancri e.

Narrated & produced by: Ross Exton

Special thanks to: Dr Nathan Mayne, Professor David Sing, Dr Tom Evans, Elisabeth Matthews, Dr Sasha Hinkley, Jessica Spake, Dr Stefan Lines, Professor Stefan Kraus, Lee Pullen, Anna Henley, Ollie Brown, Bridget Sealey, Josie Forsyth.

The University of Exeter Astrophysics Research Group

Animation: Engine house VFX

Funded by: The University of Exeter

If you wish to enquire about using parts/all of this film then please contact [email protected] & [email protected] at the University of Exeter.

We The Curious is a science centre and educational charity on Bristol Harbourside. It’s an interactive space where everyone can get creative with science, ask questions and explore ideas together.

As a charity we work with partners, locally and nationally, supporting people to be inquisitive and collaborate. We bring people together to develop new skills, improve their confidence and wellbeing and explore what is possible with positive action.

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  • My brother showed me this space “game” with his vr today, and it was the COOLEST THING EVER. I was so amazed
  • Butt3rcxp _
    Man : *trying to explain*
    Me : *spinning in circles*
  • Sana Lee
    That last planet was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. It looked like an prefect island planet.

    Then I realized, the second I land(if I even made it there), I would die from radiation, uv rays and it’s temperature.
  • juni meme
    Even if only virtual, places like that last planet make me feel something so unique and hard to describe. It looks gorgeous.
  • Bitslay
    It's scary to think that we are not alone in the universe.
    And its also scary to think we are alone in this whole universe.
  • Norah Althumairy
    When you don’t have a VR set but still want to feel included... yup, that’s me.
  • Consuelo Valk
    I just want to say thank you! It's honestly been a life long dream of mine to travel through space! This is as close as I could get to fulfilling my dream!
  • I am just grateful to be able to experience the greatness of technology. 100 years ago, humans would never have thought that future humans could look around in space while being in the comfort of their own homes. I hope someday every school would entrust the students to find one exoplanet so we can all work together to curate more planets to be observed
  • Suhani Sharma
    It was overwhelming to see this video. I projected it on a big wall and kept moving it with 360 view. Can’t tell you how astonished I was😍 this is simply outstanding. Loved it, thanks to the entire team for making it👌🏻
  • armiks22
    This was far more fascinating than I thought it would be. Thank you.
  • By Lebree
    Like 95% of who watches this has no VR items or even headphones
  • snooxe
    thing is everyone is excited to know if there's any form of life besides us in the universe and to meet them, but we can't even get along with ourselves in the first place
  • Edith Lewis
    Absolutely loved the 360 degree viewing. Wonderful scenes. Well done!
  • Crazy EV
    It's scary and exciting at the same time. Amazing work
  • L A
    This is definitely next level education. I would have so payed attention to science class more if we had this then. What an incredible experience!
  • So interesting and actually fun learning about all these different kinds of planets and what an amazing way to share this information!!!
  • Kartik Raj
    There's no way we are alone in the universe..
  • Elite
    I watched it with VR and it is incredibly beautiful! It really feels large and real. It's awesome!