The REAL Boogeyman?! A Horrible Man or Monster - Albert Fish | Mystery & Makeup | Bailey Sarian

Published 2023-03-13

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  • We absolutely need “I’m laughing because I’m uncomfortable” merch 😂
  • TimeBucks
    Bailey feels so much more lively in her episodes lately
  • Jennifer Muller
    I hope Bailey knows that even if she doesn’t sing the theme song her viewers sing it for her
  • Atreya 300
    Kudos to you for not being bullied by YouTube into being censored from using specific words. I always feel that when people refuse to use the real words that it's almost downplaying the entire topic and making it seem less significant and serious than it actually is. So thank you Bailey! Much love to you! <3
  • Alexa Mick
    I love how Bailey can rattled off the word sadomasochism like a pro not skipping a beat but that word horror and rural are quite the doozy
  • Sussex Sandra
    I usually listen to these stories with a detached ear & heart.
    But this story hits hard. It’s truly horrific and sickening.
  • Cindy Wannamaker
    My dad was sent to an orphanage in the 30's. He never said he was mistreated. But he was placed there in the middle of the night, so he didn't know he was going. He just woke up in a sea of beds. His mom kept his sister. The saddest part to me was in the yard he could see his aunts house and stood there all day by the fence waiting to come and get him😢 His grandma finally came and got him once she found out he was there. He turned out to be a wonderfully man and father. He passed last year.
  • Tallia Rosso
    I hate when people try to cover up the real word for something. I hate when people sugar coat everything. Thank you for saying all the Real words on here
  • j e s s a
    “a whopping 43 year age difference”
    Bailey: that’s not bad
  • Stephanie Witt
    I have never watched a story that I couldn’t finish…. This is the first one. I have a 4 year old son and I am SOBBING. RIP to all of his victims, but oh my gosh. I’m so sorry, Billy!!! Why couldn’t someone find this baby before he had to endure this horror? 😭
  • BuffyBubble
    Can you imagine his kids, now older, reminiscing the old days and commenting on how dads stews were the best, and they never had it like that since then 😬😬😬
  • vcantdrive
    21:41 is so true. censorship has gone so far that labels don't make sense anymore. like why are those words censored, how else are victims supposed to name/describe what happened to them?

    and idk but for me censoring it is downplaying what messed up humans do to other ppl
  • Kay
    I think it would be so cool to have a Dark History episode on orphanages/foster care because it’s a topic that I haven’t seen researched or documented too much, personally. But it’s really interesting.
  • Dee Bee
    Only Bailey can say "Buckle up bozos" and make me feel warm and fuzzy. 😆
  • Michelle
    Albert did not abuse his kids and they were okay until they found out about his crimes. It devastated them.
  • Angela
    If you don’t need a break after this one Bailey.. I definitely do 😖
  • Skylark
    My grandma and three of her siblings were dropped off at an orphanage by their mother in the early 40’s. They were terribly abused and sadly, her little 5 y/o brother had a leg wound left untreated that ultimately took his life due to sepsis. My grandma said she saw her mother enter the back of the church at his funeral and that was the last time she saw her. Fortunately, she and her other sisters were adopted by a loving family and had a great upbringing from there.
  • This is just so horrific. So many children that have suffered the most unimaginable things! One day my husband & I hope to adopt & love a child who suffered trauma like this. They are worthy & don’t deserve the horrible things they’ve endured in life.
  • Linda Mazur
    this kind of story makes you wonder how many people that are young children now are being tormented and will grow into twisted adults . so people be kind to the little ones ,and if you see something say something ,if you suspect ,say something .be safe out there . ❤🧡💛💚💙💜