Published 2023-09-16

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  • @BenAzelart
    Subscribe to wish Roger a happy birthday ❤️
  • @LyzingNy17
    I love how Ben gave a comfy hug to his friends after they had a fight,Ben is a great person.❤💫
  • this is so cute and whats best of it all is that you made all for your dog. Happy Birthday Roger !!
  • Roger is so cute, he and all dogs deserve the world because they are precious. Also, love your videos Ben
  • @user-rv7ds6fy8m
    Your dog should be so darn grateful. He is blessed to have you and Hannah as such loving and caring parents. Thanks for the amazing content
  • All I see is "pure entertainment only" type of contents in most of the Ben's video over a period but this video's end is something unique that literally brings some priceless emotions which is wholesome indeed❤
  • @luana693
    Ben you are the most heartwarming person I've ever seen before like you love all your friends,family,gf, and Rodger sm it is so cute ❤
  • Happy birthday Roger! Hannah and Ben to take such good care of you! :)
  • Roger is being so much loved by his parents: Hannah and Ben.
    Ben spend a lot to entertain us and make up our days. Love all the way from South Africa ♥️🇿🇦
  • Yall are so sweet for that and that just shows how much you care for him and it was amazing!!!!!!
    Thank yall for the amazing videos and kindness you guys show Hannah and Ben!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Can we just appreciate about how Ben never buys things for himself but is always taking care,buying and making people laugh.I think we should all agree that we need more people like Ben in this world❤❤

    Edit1:Happy birthday Roger,have an amazing day❤❤❤❤❤😊😊😊
  • Ben you are the best. I love your videos. Keep going wild I will always support you!
  • I love how Ben goes to extreme lengths in any video to put a smile on our face❤
  • Let’s just appreciate how hard he works for all of us?I’m honestly surprised by the time and effort you put in your videos, keep up the hardwork!
  • @user-yg7qb7ev9f
    I can't wait, always makes everything more funny and enjoyable :D *
  • @user-yg7qb7ev9f
    3:13 *Let’s just appreciate how hard works for all of us? I’m honestly surprised by the time and effort you put in your videos, keep up the hardwork! 😇😇