I Survived 100 DAYS as GODZILLA in HARDCORE Minecraft!

Published 2022-09-17
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I Survived 100 DAYS as GODZILLA in HARDCORE Minecrafta! Today, I'll explore the Minecraft OVERWORLD as a GIANT GODZILLA MONSTER! The more DESTRUCTION I cause, the more I GROW in POWER! My Goal is to build the best BASE for me and my MONSTER BASE, while also taking on MECHA GODZILLA!

Mods Used:

The original Minecraft Godzilla Model was made by Monster122. We took inspiration to make it! You can find his channel here: youtube.com/c/Monster122

Dawn of Time: www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/dawn-of-time
Gojicraft: www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/gojicraft
KaijuKraft: www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/kaijukraft
Exotic Critters: www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/exotic-critte…

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  • Bronzo
    Download Honkai Impact: bit.ly/3c0kGap
    Use gift code [60AHDASFBLAFL ] and get 30 Crystals, 2888 Asterites and a Herrscher Trial Card for free!
  • I just wanna say how impressed I was with all the little nods and references to Godzilla & Toho monsters. The story, the fun voices, it was a delight to watch! Wasn't sure what to expect from this but really enjoyed it!
  • I respect everyone who were involved in this, Seriously the best piece that I' ve ever seen on YouTube,HATS OFF TO WELL ALL ! LOVE YOUR VIDEO.......
  • ItsCrazy
    One of the of the best thing about dude is that whenever
    he achieves something, he never gives
    the credit to himself.He.always respect
    us, the audience the most and his team
    too. He is always polite in every of his video .We congratulate ourselves for this
    achivement . More to come and everything
    to come. We're always with you ❤
  • How about surviving a 100 days as Godzilla Earth or Void Ghidorah? Taht would be the best video anyone has ever created in the 100 days series :D
  • Mr. Bozo
    This was so dang unexpected a WHOLE GODZILLA? Also I like how you changed the plot a bit from your normal videos because in your other videos you have usually the same motive. Me like it :)
  • Earf
    I am subscribed with notifications since the birth of the channel so I want to see 100 days as an ancient builder sometime in the future. this is day 2 of recommending.
  • Kid Adventures
    Godzilla doesn’t want to destroy the world,he wants to protect it.
  • kingzed4orce
    Pls keep making more we love your videos and thank you for putting all your hard work and effort into these Minecraft videos. You deserve loads of subs and likes
  • spoke plays
    Hi bronzo I just wanna let u know that I've been watching u since you uploaded your first video you improved so much!
  • John Colon
    That three headed dragon is known as king Ghidorah who is one of the few monsters that came close to killing Godzilla.
  • As a Godzilla fan I love this and I like how you risked getting sued by WB so good job dude
  • Derek the cat
    what does it feel like to have that much power as Godzilla
  • All right he's getting somewhat closer to the original source. The saying that he don't care about humanity and just wants to fight monsters, well that's not the gojira way. It's to defend the planet not to destroy it. It's to keep balance, not to slaughter for fun. You don't use materials from the world to survive, only what nature has given you. Your abilities, your natural durability, your natural adaptations. You don't need yours or minerals. Use what nature gave you bronzo.