We Played a 72 Hour Game of Tag Across Europe

Published 2022-09-14
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Created by Adam Chase, Sam Denby, and Ben Doyle
Motion graphics by Lili Pereira, Dom Burgess, Max Moser
Audio by Graham Haerther, Donovan Bullen, Henry Ariza
Artwork by Simon Buckmaster

The production has offset 10x its estimated carbon impact through a cookstove replacement program in China certified by the Gold Standard: registry.goldstandard.org/credit-blocks/details/27…

All Comments (21)
  • Andreas Rex
    That you can do this without worrying about border controls is a great advertisement for the schengen agreement. :)
  • InOtherNews1
    I just wanted to say that I really appreciate the effort you guys put in for the subtitles. Color-coding, position shifts to not block content - incredible!
  • SuperSteph
    I don't understand how anyone could find Ben and Adam annoying they make the videos so fun and I love their content when they're a team
  • Ludwig
    ive never been hunted
  • Arjun Singh
    I really appreciate the team's extra effort in making decent subtitles; not a lot of channels do that effort but it really helps a larger number of people maximise their appreciation of the content.
  • EnsuredChaos
    That card deck is super cool! They should consider making the card deck into something we can buy and play ourselves; it'd be interesting how some of the challenges would compare in different parts of the world.
  • Jape
    It's so fitting for Sam, the ultimate lucky guy, to get a "cursed" card that actually helps him in the game xD
  • Chokyo
    This could easily be a TV series.
    Amazing quality and production
  • Thomas
    So in the Netherlands we have the series called jachtseizoen, which is the same idea but then with hitchhiking and only 20 minutes in 1 vehicle. This is such good content, immediately subscribed!!
  • Virel360
    I have to say, I love this version of the game way more, there is just so much more potential in this tag format lol. It’s also fun getting to watch different people team up.
  • mfogs
    My thoughts on strategy:

    Head to Germany ASAP. Germany has public bike sharing (Call a Bike) across ~40 cities. It's unclear whether you can pick up a bike in one city and drop it off in another. If you can, great, that makes things easier—but if not, simply bike out into the countryside and start racking up challenges in obscure locations (this part would work in any city that has public bike sharing, not just DE). Start by biking along a major train route for 45 min so it looks like you're on the train (choose a low speed one so your speed looks conceivable; they may sniff this out). Choose a stop as far away that has no bike share and you can get there before they do on the next public transit. Stay there until the next public transit from the starting point departs. Then take off in a direction that has no public transit with your bike. Start racking up challenges, bouncing from place to place that doesn't have easy public transit opportunities in a randomized manner.

    You'll get a TON of points this way. Then - they know you'll have to return to the same city to return your bike. But rather than choosing the main train station or something, find an alternate departure point (e.g. intra-city bus stop, smaller train station, etc.). Get there max 5 min before your departure, fly off into the sunset. Granted, you could still be caught, BUT you have so many more options incl flights for later on based on how many pts you racked up.

    I don't have access to the full rules, but this seems possible based on what's been stated so far (but who knows they're pretty good about rules so it may not be possible). You would obviously have to be a very strong biker as well (I've done ~50 miles on a citi bike and it was a nightmare lol).
  • TeamEXAngus
    The shock I felt from clicking on a random funny-looking video and discovering what Wendover Sam looks like is immense
  • Chokyo
    Crazy that the world has become so connected that you can do challenges like this.
  • Chris Beynon
    This is looking to be the best series of Jet Lag so far. I really like the premise, and it's a really good idea to mix up the presenting teams with the chaser and the runners. Best of luck guys!
  • Zen Possum
    This is such a well thought out and well edited series. Surprised this channel doesn't have more subscribers!
  • This series must be fun for the players in that it doesn't involve competing against the clock as much, so you can stop in places as long as you think the others won't catch up.
  • HockeyPizzaCraft
    This video is actually amazing! This could be a crazy tv show
  • Rowan Ravindran
    weirdly, one of my childhood dreams was to play tag over a very large area like this.
  • Quirky Beauty
    Watching for a third time (2x on Nebula) and commenting to satisfy the YT overlords. Some of the most original content out there. I appreciate the amount of thought and planning that has gone into designing the game. It's one thing to have a crazy idea, it's another to do it... with the return of a deck of customized playing cards!