After MADAME WEB, Marvel Could SUE SONY for the Rights to SPIDER-MAN

Published 2024-02-24
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Was Madame Web so Bad that it could allow Marvel to sue Sony for the rights to Spider-Man?

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Written by Mike Mazella:
Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Randolf Nombrado, Brianna McLarty, Lee Mazzio, and Paulina Perez-Perez

Mike Mazella

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All Comments (21)
  • @jdglad1569
    with every live action spider-man spin off, sony does damage to the genre as a whole.
  • @davidalan6701
    Yeah, my dad literally said “did you hear that marvel is taking a big hit with that bomb of a movie?” Talking about madam web. He’s not in the target demographic, but he used to work in the movie industry, and he doesn’t know the difference. I think marvel has the best case for market confusion/dilution than they have ever had before.
  • @rindo8077
    No. Here you go, saved you half an hour.
  • @user-pk6pw1xf8p
    A street-level Spider-man movie would be a nice change of pace instead of each movie upping the stakes.
  • @kylecarter1599
    Dakota Johnson suffered from brand confusion as an actor in the film. That should weigh more than audience confusion.
  • @maverick8331
    I think the actresses confusion is enough in itself to warrant the law suit. Multiple actresses in the film believed they were being brought into the MCU. Sony is clearly trying to piggyback off MCU success and trick fans and even those in the film industry into believing they are attached to the Sony films. I think the way to go would be to try and prevent them from releasing future films, in essence getting them to fail to fulfil the constant release schedule clause. Fans gotta do everything we can. Do NOT see these movies. They can't keep doing this if they are constantly losing money.
  • @MusicLover-my6fo
    Sony is already standing on a slippery slope with getting sued anyway. They heavily used the Spider-Women in their trailers for advertisement and they only appear in their costumes for seconds in the film. As of 2022, a judge declared that film studios can get sued for false advertising in their trailers something that Sony has did with Morbius and what they borderline did with Madame Web. Sooner or later, their luck is going to run out at this rate.
  • @willjohnson8446
    I paid $20 to see the Inhumans theatrical release at the local IMAX. Hard to believe Madame Web was worse.
  • @ComeWhatMay24
    Make Beyond The Spiderverse, & call it a day Sony. Go out on a high note.
  • @exqueue3813
    The apparent situation where Dakota Johnson believed she was joining an MCU movie and fired her management only supports the notion of brand confusion.
  • @tarag7292
    Meanwhile, Sony is completely ignoring a 4th Jumanji movie with The Rock, Kevin Hart, and Jack Black. They seem to only be interested in making Spider movies as if nothing else exists. GET YOUR CRAP TOGETHER, SONY!
  • @doctorboots1604
    I can't imagine being the executive at Sony who signs off of selling the Spider-Man rights back to Marvel/Disney only to have Marvel turn around and make another billion dollar Spidey film. That executive would have their heads on a platter before the end of the business day.
  • @alexanderdumas-
    I think my favorite part was when she realizes she can change things in the past and uses it to get a cathartic hug from her mom and leaves instead of STOPPING HER IMPENDING MURDER 😂😂
  • @Alex4Champion
    Hey Ryan and team! Love the content. Just had an idea for a video. I think it would be cool if you guys went through every post credit scene in the MCU and kind of help clean up the loose ends. By this I mean like explain what it could be setting up, when we could be getting it and how it could tie in to the big picture. I think it could help some fans get a more complete view on what to look forward to and be excited for. I mention this because when you bring up certain post credit scenes in videos, I sometimes had completely forgotten them before the reminder.
  • @Mentski
    I'd be surprised that after the 90's Fantastic 4 debacle, that any agreement Marvel made afterward didn't include a quality threshold, so you couldn't push out any old shit in order to extend the rights. I'm sure I read somewhere during the time where the Amazing series tanked and the emails got leaked that there was something along those lines, but maybe I was wrong. Let's face it: Marvel were desperate back when they made the initial deal... and desperate times call for desperate and hastily-written contracts.
  • @johnbilicki913
    This lawyer said the same thing I've been saying since Morbius. The best move for Sony, imo, is to split the Spiderman film rights between animated and live action. They keep animation and marvel/disney gets the live action
  • @MarkHougaard
    Recall just this week Disney struck a deal with Sony to produce all their DVD and Blu-ray physical media... perhaps as a way to loosen up Sony to work deal on these Marvel issues?
  • At 18:00 mike mentions some of the advertising sony did for morbius and madame web, my question is if disney/marvel could potentially sue sony for the spiderman rights and use the false advertising of the films as an argument? Even the actors didnt know that it was a sony movie so you could say that sony has been misleading actors and fans to try and keep the rights, sony is technically meeting the requirements regarding how many movies they need to release over a span of time, so the advertising tactics they use are used too keep fans from making the distinction between marvel and sony.
  • @TomDytorn
    Spiderman 4 cleaning up the streats, but seriously though, i do want a street level spiderman, it's where he shines the most "you're friendly neighborhood spiderman"
  • @alexxniblock8038
    How is Disney Junior/Marvel Animation producing the kids show “Spidey and his Amazing Friends” given the way production rights are explained here?