Glen Hansard and Lisa O'Neill Perform "Fairytale of New York" at Shane MacGowan's Funeral

Published 2023-12-08

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  • @deepfiix
    That is the most beautiful send off I have ever seen. Shane definitely heard that! We will be singing his songs forever.
  • @PaddySlattery
    It's so refreshing hearing those honest lyrics inside a church. Glen deserves more credit than he gets, and Lisa is just great. Absolute treasures. Mighty send-off by everyone. Shane would be raising a glass to this tribute.
  • @mauromelluso2399
    This is not a funeral or memorial, this is a celebration of life... Beautiful version of this classic... Rip Mr Shane MacGowan
  • @brodogoks2526
    Shane’s wife jumping over the pews to dance and his sister also. What a sight.
  • @niggasjit
    The fact that they broke loose dancing in a funeral shows what kind of sendoff this was. What a sight. Loved it! Songs and memories lives forever
  • @tyronepouch6049
    Lovely to see the great John Sheehan on tin whistle! What a performance and let’s be honest, nobody does a send off like the Irish!! Rest easy Shane, thanks for the music and the memories!! 🇮🇪🥃💚
  • @walluvalkama3927
    I'm crying tears of happiness to see how much love there is in that room. You lost two great ones this year, my condolances from Finland. We all were very blessed to have both Shane and Sinead.

    You could say we had sort of a counterpart of finnish rock go away 15 years ago and he had a irish song about some irish musiciands he sang, drank and played for a night or two in which he stated (poeted) that they sang about that the small nations strenght lies in it's arts and hearts. This is very evident looking at this wonderful service tonight.

    Peace and love from Helsinki. Shane was much loved here too.
  • @kittymaher9395
    Beautiful version, ❤ , I was lucky enough to be in the church for this sad wonderful mass / concert, unforgettable ❤❤❤ Rip Shane ❤ ❤️❤️
  • @di942842
    Why am I crying? Being Asian, I have never heard of Shane or the Pogues. but here I am crying all the same.
  • @coreybingham8299
    An American here. Lived in Ireland for a couple years back in the early 2000s. This is the most beautiful encapsulation of the Irish people. What a wonderful country. What wonderful people. RIP Shane McGowan.
  • Can't beat an Irish Funeral, am so proud of my Irish heritage, ❤.
  • @nittany272
    This is how I want to go. No tears, no fears, just laughter and dancing in the aisles with lots of music.

    RIP Shane ❤️
  • @Twistedseizure.
    If this dosent happen at my funeral, don't turn up! Simply magnificent
  • @amybarrett7300
    Now that is an awesome send off. Love that people started dancing. Shane would’ve loved it. RIP, Shane, and Kristy. This song has always made me cry, now it does so even more. 💚🙏🏻🍀
  • @blackyschwarz228
    I am 100% sure that Shane sit on his cloud and watching this and was happy, best salute for someone if people dance to your music on your funeral! R.I.P. legend!
  • @carlrayson3104
    First time that I have seen people dancing inside a church at a funeral. Loved it.

    RIP Shane and condolences to all who loved him.
  • @haydn-73
    Make this number ONE 2023 For Shane and Kirsty
  • @gmack6459
    There won't be many funerals like that 👏👏❤
  • @jonnigerlach417
    In a era full of cloned pop stars, it real is great to see true music and raw talent be heard through a microphone. RIP Shane, your music was always playing in my house growing up.