Alec Benjamin - Alec Benjamin Greatest Hits Full Album 2021

Published 2020-11-21

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  • @much_5023
    Alec wasn't built for fame , he was built for our hearts .
  • @itscrystal4823
    I miss people who sing from their heart like him. Where did all the real ones go?
  • The 20min of silence is to appreciate Alec Benjamin’s amazing work
  • @cherrix4165
    I love Alec, his songs are a masterpiece✨
  • Outrunning Karma is honestly one of my favorite songs of all time, a beautiful story and I love how he sings it, like he's actually telling the story. It also shows examples of some aspects of real life.
  • My siblings say they don't like Alec, but I just can't describe the feeling I get when I listen and sing his songs. My parents like it too.
  • Even though his songs are so popular, they are so good they are still underrated
  • @AnnieHayakawa
    la voz de Alec es tan hermosa y relajante<333, es una lastima enorme que no sea tan conocido aquí en Latinoamérica y que solo se escuche el reggaetón:(((
  • @neon8830
    I don't think I have a word for how I feel when I hear his voice.
  • @devonpaul6679
    His music is outrageously amazing, a true master piece
  • @jupiterr_x
    "What have i done?" You've done a miracle Alec. 💙
  • The absence of no.7 is depriving us from listening another masterpiece.
  • @natashanguluwe6259
    Alec's songs can make you just reach a certain level of being peaceful 💗💕
  • @dunst3498
    To be frank, he is a legend with such a wonderful talent that come out with all these masterpieces🧡
  • @emhenn8919
    All of Alec's songs feel like a true story, like Outrunning Karma, Wich is a beautiful song that is sang with love and passion.