Dua Lipa Monologue - SNL

Published 2024-05-04
First-time host Dua Lipa celebrates her new album Radical Optimism by taking some questions from the audience and introducing her new choreographer.

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All Comments (21)
  • @msjamesesq
    Her dad looked like he was watching her compete at the Olympics! Loved seeing the pride in his face.
  • @erikwick
    So sweet that she gave a shout out to poor Wendy Williams. "Some people call me Dula Peep" ❤
  • Dua Lipa needs to make her own beer. She could sell two varieties in the same box and call it “Dual IPA”
  • Funniest part was when Mom was NOT laughing after “Last thing you want to see when you are high and drunk off your ass is your daughter”!
  • @Jay_Kizzzel
    Really happy for Dua. She absolutely rocked it. Congrats!
  • @thegodofpez
    Have to give props to the SNL team for dropping bits literally within the hour! Good on you, team! 🤟🔥
  • Props to her self-awareness she really did give us a great meme 👏
  • @keeshiabrie
    Go, girl, give us everything!!! I loved the self-references in this 🤭
  • What a monologue by Dua. Actually, a bit of Radical Optimism may help my situation.
  • @opedropiffer
    "on the bright side, there's always poppers" OK MISS DUA, YOU KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE
  • @user-zu1lu3dh6c
    She's so funny and charismatic. Love her music and her vibes🐬
  • @samiam3297
    So happy for Dua! She was a natural on every skit! All the best for you Dua! Great job! 🤘😔🎸
  • @tusktooth4122
    From a young girl posting covers on youtube to SNL. Must be the main character.
  • @lufigueroaok
    SO PROUD OF HER 🥹❤go girl give us everything (like always❤) 👑
  • @Sarappreciates
    Radical Optimism is laughing through breast cancer treatment. I had some great optimism for a long while, but it's a temporary struggle right now adjusting to a new treatment this year. Thank you, SNL, for helping me find my laughter again. I'll miss you in your hiatus. 💙
  • @lukeconard2004
    This was the best opening monologue from a pop star I’ve ever seen wow
  • SNL makes my day, weekend! Look forward to watching all week!😊❤
  • @CBAKER637
    Wendy Williams was the first to call her Dula Peep and it’s stuck all these years later. Love and miss you Wendy!❤