JWS Just Observed City Lights On a Planet 7 Trillions Miles Away!

Published 2024-05-27
JWS Just Observed City Lights On a Planet 7 Trillions Miles Away!

The James Webb Telescope, built to transcend the capabilities of all known telescopes and true to its make, has just found the captivating glow of city lights about seven trillion miles away on a distant planet, which has led us to believe that all of the speculations of extraterrestrial life may be into something. It is a pointer to the complexity of the universe and the prospect that anything is possible. We know this discovery will lead to more research to uncover mysteries and clear as much doubt as possible surrounding the universe. How much more is left to find out? What is the probability that there is more life outside of Earth?

Sit back as we uncover how JWS Just Observed City Lights On a Planet 7 Trillion Miles Away!

What a Surprising Discovery.
Wonder technology, the James Webb Space Telescope, was launched into orbit on the 25th of December, 2021. This telescope, although newly born, has made a solid discovery aimed at changing the diverse views of the world and all of its knowledge.

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  • @RevdGeraldJones
    Why didn't this end with Porky Pig saying "That's all Folks?"
  • @jimmytowns2471
    I must have dosed off,,,, what did he say about those lignts?
  • Did anyone SEE this faraway city in a magical faraway land? I mean anyone HERE on this limb of the Inet tree? In this production. I'm still waiting, maybe blindly.
  • @HuSiaCat
    I can see them from my window, one of them's waving at me, oh no wait a minute, it's my own reflection.... ๐Ÿ˜‚
  • It's an infra red telescope ....so it either spotted city heat....or a volcano or two .
  • @ryanr.7513
    So where was the part about city lights on a planet trillions of miles away? Because I didn't see anything like that whatsoever in this video.
  • @user-vz7fm2by9u
    People can't even get along with their NEIGHBORS how in the f... are they with someone 7 trillion miles away?
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    why can't u people just come to the point .....
  • @KenC-em8xi
  • @user-of1of6kh7r
    The title of this video is saying that city lights were observed on planet 7. But then, you didn't show us this planet with city lights. Why are you doing that? You're giving science a bad name with your sensationalistic headline.
  • Irrelevant video to the subject matter. Just long nonsense story. Next time focus on the street light itself, right?