Carrie Underwood Under Attack for Good Deed

Published 2024-05-08
Carrie Underwood is coming under fire for a recent kind gesture she shared onto her social media. Fans turned against Carrie Underwood and even advised her that what she was doing could eb considered a 'federal crime.' Carrie Underwood was receiving so much backlash that many other fans defended her decision that became so controversial.

0:00 Carrie Underwood Faces Backlash
0:48 Carrie Underwood's Good Deed Video
3:04 Fans Slam Carrie Underwood

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All Comments (21)
  • Our society has gotten so disconnected from nature it is awful! Good job Carrie Underwood you’re doing what’s right!
  • @user-bf5bh4bi9y
    People need to get over themselves! Omg! I took care of birds that fell out of a nest after a storm. The mother never came back! They all grew up and flew away!
  • I hope Carrie will just ignore these STUPID people. Her kindness and love is very refreshing.
  • @SuperDave71176k
    Carrie knows all about a Temporary Home and Jesus told her to take the wheel this time.
  • @BirdieSenpai
    Back when I was in college, I actually did exactly this, minus social media stuff, for a tiny robin, Chubby, I found alone and following me in my front yard, and he grew up strong and continually visited all the way until I moved after graduation. These people seem like they'd have preferred Chubby be left to die than be taken in and cared for by someone "unqualified" and not signed off for by the damn government.
  • Carrie did exactly what I’d of done !!!! People are just mean What was good now bad. The world is upside down!! LOVE YOUR KIND HEART 💜 LADY !!! MARY IN INDIANA.
  • @sherriebyrd3784
    I think people need something else to worry about. She at least gave it a chance of life.
  • @lisaely3589
    God bless you Carrie Underwood for saving the baby bird, I know I would have done the same thing to saving a baby bird life
  • @cathydebord2972
    Wow respect for Carrie . Just trying to do a random act of kindness. She seems like the sweetest person ever. I’m glad she saved it and I’m sure she’ll get it other help . ❤
  • @deandraper2342
    So wait a minute! Carrie Underwood a woman saves an animal, a baby bird and all y'all are going to say that was the wrong thing to do Carrie Underwood is the most compassionate person and she loves animals You're telling me you wouldn't do the same thing. Lots of other people take care of injured animals and they don't come under fire for it. So y'all need to leave Carrie Underwood alone and let the woman live her freaking life. I for one praise Carrie Underwood for taking care of this animal because I would do the same thing. I would take care of an injured animal or One person if it came down to it Carrie Underwood is the most underrated unappreciated female country singer along with Miranda Lambert so she does something nice to try to save an animal and she goes under fire How small and how Petty the people have to be because somebody takes care of an animal. Like I said, I praise Carrie Underwood. I praise anyone who takes care of animals injured or not. She does not deserve this. People need to leave Carrie Underwood alone And country cast. You know I've noticed there's been no. You know praising Carrie Underwood for her work. It's everything bad that she does. If you understood who she is and where she came from you wouldn't be doing this and I guarantee you you wouldn't have the guts to even think about standing up and taking care of something and doing the job that she does I praise Carrie Underwood. I will always praise Carrie Underwood. She is the greatest of all time she's underrated unappreciated undervalued + she deserves a lot more respect than she has gotten over the last couple years. Thank you. Leave Carrie Underwood alone
  • This is why I hate social media.Carrie was obviously trying to help this bird and do the right thing and nobody has the right to bash her for that.
  • @MikeF031
    I'm glad she showed care for another living thing, above all else. These people are losers.
  • @irishmuse000
    She seems like such a sweet and caring person. I don't mind people's advice letting her know that the proper thing to do would be to take the bird to the professionals as long as they are respectful. But to shame her for saving this bird is such a crappy thing to do. Not real fans or good people. Just holier than thou a-holes.
  • @BeAlertAllTimes
    Thank you Carrie for saving baby bird . I saved a young hummingbird last year and the hummingbird visited often until Canada wild fire soggy my atmosphere . Everyone needs to go for a long walk and listen to mother nature.
  • What is wrong with people? This baby bird would probably be dead if it wasn’t Carrie. Carrie is saving the baby bird and she is taking care of one of God’s creatures. All the negative people need to leave Carrie alone because at least she cared enough to save the baby and research how to take care of it. Carrie does not owe explanations, apologies or excuses to have to defend herself for doing what’s right. I really wish the negativity and negative people would take a look at their own faults and leave the ones that still love what God has created alone.
  • People, people, people what do you think happens on farms. They don't call a vet for every single issue. If mama's abandon or neglect their babies they get bottle fed.
  • @jewelllowe3054
    Sometimes we shouldn’t put everything we do on social media! People are quick to judge unfortunately.
  • @sueec59
    No good deed goes unpunished. Just keep being you Carrie. You are obviously a kind person with a big heart. We need more of you in the world.