Marvel's SPIDER-MAN 2 GAMEPLAY REVEAL TRAILER REACTION!! Venom | Kraven The Hunter | Lizard

Published 2023-05-24
EPIC GAMEPLAY TRAILER From Insomniac & PlayStation Showcase 2023! Get yourself a Guardians Of The Galaxy Inspired Space Babies T-Shirt
With Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse review & reaction coming, the PS5 GamePlay Reveal trailer gives us a brand new first look at Kraven The Hunter, The Lizard, Peter Parker in Symbiote suit, Miles Morales with new powers working alongside his Spider-man mentor, new levels, action, & MORE!
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All Comments (21)
  • @PiscesXszn
    Love how Miles picked up on Pete’s subtle personality changes, especially when he throws the civilian after saving him like wtf is wrong with you dude 😂
  • Yuri's voice acting is craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy good. You could feel that Peter wasnt really Peter from his first line.
  • @ChrisWakePark
    This is literally everything I ever wanted in a Spider-Man game. The ability to switch back and forth with each Spidey is a feature I didn't know I needed and absolutely appreciate the developers for including.
  • @thevulcan2949
    I personally love this symbiote suit and have an idea for why it looks the way it does. I think it might be a narrative choice to have certain parts seem solid and others seem alien. I think the tighter a hold the suit has on Peter, the more alien it'll become. Like in Spectacular Spider-Man. Either way, this shit rocks
  • @moldomre4838
    Dude this gameplay sucked me into not only the game, but the STORY. Everything is connecting so well to the previous 2 games!
  • @jingleballs9935
    The suit is amazing. It all looks like organic armor and there’s parts that move. Like the back of peter’s neck, it’s more goopy and alive.. the combat is better than I imagined too. We haven’t even seen the best of it yet.
  • @kfactor20
    I agree with Andrew about being more excited about the story than the gameplay bc, again like he said, the gameplay looks amazing(pun intended) but what gave me the most chills and excited to experience the game was the end dialogue
    Peter: “He’s mine.”
    Miles: “Are you sure? He’s got big teeth.”
    Peter: “So do I…”
    Peter glides away
    Ganke: “He’s not normally like that, right?”
    Miles: “No, he’s never like that…”
  • @ercarret
    I think that Venom will become the focal point for the second half of the story. The first is about Peter struggling with the symbiote and Kraven hunting him (and Miles). The second half could be about the symbiote attaching itself to Harry. Now Peter has to save Harry from the symbiote, all while Kraven probably shifts his attention from the Spider-Men to Venom. As such, I think Harry will under a two-pronged assault from both within and outside.

    The only thing that makes me doubt this scenario is that the whole "Kraven hunts one of Peter's friends who has turned into a monster" angle is already playing out with Dr. Connors/the Lizard. But that could also be a throughline for the entire game. After all, Kraven hunting people Spidey cares about makes him much more intimidating than if he was just hunting all-out bad guys.
  • @detree
    imagine how the Wolverine game is going to look 😭🔥
  • @eaglesphan5650
    The Symbiote was oozing off the suit and the chase on the dock with the Lizard was 🔥
  • @EFUwazurike
    Based on the Be Greater Together graphic at the end having Together getting consumed by the Symbiote and then cleansed by Miles’ Venom Shock, I have a feeling that ability will play a major role in freeing Peter from its grasp.
  • @Dmobley9901
    Honestly, I feel like we're definitely gonna get a Spider-Man VS Spider-Man fight somewhere in here.

    The way Lizard is portrayed is like a monster, which is to be expected, but the way Peter is voiced, framed, and even how he looks during gameplay, is on a whole different level-
    He's shot like a genuinely terrifying monster, who isn't evil, at least not yet, every scene and line of dialogue he has in this is either absolutely terrifying because he's clearly barely holding back, or extremely concerning, because of how unsettlingly different he acts, like how he will still save people, but you can tell his heart and head aren't really in it, he's not just angry, he's desperate, given the dialogue seems to indicate that because he has the symbiote, Harry is dying without it, and so he's already at his wits end, and acts completely cold and detached when he's not relentlessly pursuing something.

    There's something visceral about how he says "He's gonna wish he never came to New York!", like he's already lost it, and it's only what little is left of him that keeps him from outright offing people while he's using the suit. The way both he, and Connors is revealed is straight out of classic monster movies, and you can see it when he crashes in to catch up with Miles, the lighting just oozes unknown horrors while his demeanor is uncharacteristically serious and cold.

    I won't lie, when I saw Venom, and Kraven, and Lizard, I was hyped which is what I would expect of my reaction, but something is so off with seeing Peter like this, I'm genuinely more terrified of him than of anything else in this game, and I would swear that he would be the final boss and Miles would have to pull him back from the brink-
  • I love how Peter seems so impatient, like when miles said “alley oop on three?” Instead of Peter saying “yes!” Of “let’s do it” all Peter did was sigh and growl “fine”
  • The first Spiderman game is one of the best I've ever played, a 10/10. I just know this is going to be even better. Symbiote Miles looks so cool.
  • @WookieLover77_
    I think as we progress in the game and the story, the symbiote will go from the semi armory/organic look, to a complete organic design showing us that the symbiote is taking over more and more. Kind of like in the spectacular spider man. One thing I hope to see, is that with all the alternate suits, the symbiote design for them evolves as well
  • @braeden4721
    Everything about this looks amazing, the lighting, the score, the textures, the voice acting, everything! I can't wait to play this!
  • @HawkTeevs
    What's gonna make this particular version of the symbiote so scary is the fact that we know from the comics that it's just amplifying genuine emotions Peter has.
    He has demons that he's been oppressing in his psyche. The symbiote is now just giving him the opportunity to let them loose.
    And with the death of Aunt May on his mind now, it's going to be that much harder to fight off.
  • @Papatreece
    I am beyond excited to get my hands on this game!! Insomniac never fails to blow me away.
  • @shivinwason17
    One of the best showcases in a while. Metal gear solid and Spider-Man 2 were insane reveals