Bono and The Edge: Tiny Desk Concert

Published 2023-03-17

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  • Angel Mercado
    Absolutely love these guys, love their energy, love their philosophy of U2. Help and be kind to each other!!!! And they Rock hard!!
  • Andy D
    That was just beautiful, class from both Bono & Edge on all the vocals…😁👏👏
  • louise196
    Love it more than I did the first time I heard it! much much more! ❤️❤️❤️ ✨🌏✨🕊🌹✨
  • Kurt Firla
    2:40 kills me - "Edge, do an Edge thing... there he is!" Bono enjoying the moment, and the happy face of the girl at the front of the choir. So much love in that tiny office.
  • Billyboy
    This is my new favorite Tiny Desk Concert. What a great performance! I automatically hold in very high esteem music professionals who lend their time and talent to NPR for these intimate gatherings, and Bono is so relatable to everyone in the room and to his audience. Well done!
  • Don Pasquale
    Never realized how solid Edge's backing vocals were
  • Paul Callens
    Truly a great concert. Tiny yet complete and wow, a deep engagement with spirit that touches mine. Thank you all ❤
  • Probably one of the most intimate "concerts," I've ever witnessed. You can feel their years of creativity, friendship, comradery and world travelled, sold out concert love amazing experience , pouring through the vocals and guitar and melodies. I must have gotten the chills at least 8 or 9 times. Thank you U2 for so many years of giving it all to your fans. This NPR was exceptional.
  • What is really interesting is to hear The Edge play guitar without all the effects, peddles and occasional over production. I loved this.
  • Vaughan Branch
    Epic, perfect performance. For a band that can STILL fill any stadium, this intimate show brought me to tears. Love these guys as rock stars and citizens of the world.
  • 12 Feet Up
    This is the best part of Tiny Desk concerts, discovering up and coming musicians like these guys.
  • ZenDog
    Been a fan since Joshua Tree. I love it when Edge sings also. Bono adjusting to a small venue, was always beautiful once he gets in the zone .. great band!! This was beautiful and uplifting :) x
  • I´m not a U2 big fan but these two guys are real artists. The arrangements are so so good, simples and beautifull at the same time. This is the kind of music that i like whitout all the parafernalia behind. Just voices and a acustic guitar. Beautiful. Thanks Bob
  • Guitar Insight
    Bono phrases so freely then when the Edge harmonizes they are so perfectly in sync. I guess 50 years will do that.
  • joncaju
    Love the sound of this youth choir. Bono should take them on tour or at least for some performances.
  • "Stuck in a Moment" is a masterpiece of songwriting. I am not aware the song inspired by Michael Hutchence. Thank you NPR for making this jam session possible.
  • Derevi
    Edge is such a MONSTER performer always at the edge of the limelight but he really deserves an award for his decades of excellence.
  • Olina Kin
    Setlist: 0:00 — Beautiful Day 5:01 — In A Little While 10:08 — Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of 16:09 — Walk On