Published 2020-09-13

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  • @TruckTheDuck
    “There are no nerds in singleplayer mode” oh I think you’ll find at least one
  • @jurek1480
    "We are gonna bully nerds" Bullies himself by coding for few days.
  • @Ahmadabdal_
    21:16 I love how he call them nerds like he hadn't spend the last 2 weeks programming an AI to play tetris
  • @Just_a_Dragon69
    Can we give Damber the respect he deserve? I mean he just kick the ass of an AI made to kick ass in tetris
  • @awesomeavis7861
    “There ain’t no nerds in single player mode” Technically there is it’s just reduced to only being 1
  • @Sniperboy5551
    Randomizing the intervals between moves could help evade the bot detection. Only a computer will make every move exactly 0.1s after the last, but creating a random interval would make it seem more human-like.
  • @Sollace
    20:07 For those curious: Multiprocessing is just when you divide tasks up between cpus so you can do more work in parallel, rather than the default that can only do one thing a time. For example, if you're peeling potatoes, it's faster to have two people doing it than it is to have only one.
  • @metuos.3651
    CB: "Let's bully some nerds!" The nerds: "Hippity hoppity get banned loser "
  • @MattMann-cr2nj
    "I'm a simple man" 2 seconds later "I WILL COMMIT MULTIPLE FELONIES"
  • As someone with a friend who's like, a Tetris grandmaster, if that's a thing, I support this message
  • @daniwalmsley611
    How is he so good in one hour of play time? Its not like there's a million different versions of tetris that someone could've learned on before playing jtris
  • @r3nmgod
    CB, The YouTube algorithm counts beeps as "mild profanity" so you need to mix them up with random sounds instead
  • @beezzinha
    14:04 As a woman who studies computer science, I can confirm that we, in fact, do not exist.
  • @epicy0shi737
    Never ask: A woman - her age A man - his salary Code Bullet - why he hates coriander so much
  • @ultrio325
    Shoutout to Tommy for fighting til the end despite a winning chance of zero, he's a real man
  • @lostnova
    8-ball: the answer is no Code bullet: wow this is a strong message
  • @SaucyAlfredo
    Code Bullet: gets a friend Friend: ends his life
  • @aynDRAWS
    I don't think the bot detection would have detected you because you didn't clear anything. You were just slamming the down key- which everyone had done in a fit of Tetris rage.
  • @MasterBasser
    plot twist, theres no bot detection. just a report button and the real nerd is the guy not being paid but still sitting there 20 hours a day banning people while watching code bullet videos for some fun.