How To Prevent Raptors From Destroying SuperHeavy

Published 2023-11-25
While the 2nd Integrated Test Flight of Starship ultimately ended in the loss of both vehicles, it was undoubtably a massive improvement from SpaceX's first attempt.

This episode is a deep dive analysis of critical upgrades to Starship Superheavy.

There is a very large focus placed on Booster 7 in this episode. There were a lot of lessons learned from IFT-1 and its important to understand why each of the changes to Booster 9 were necessary.

TheRingWatcher: Ship 25 & Booster 9 Upgrades Explained

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0:00 Intro: Tale of 2 Boosters
1:45 Booster Bidet Performance
3:15 Post IFT-1 Challenges
5:20 Raptor 2 Electric TVC Upgrades
9:11 Mitigating Raptor Explosion Risks
12:08 Center Engine Blast Containment
14:32 Original Boost Engine Blast Containment
16:47 B7 Testing Explosion - Insufficient Blast Shielding
19:25 B7 Robustness Upgrades Finally Explained
20:41 IFT-1 Engine RUD Isolation Failure
22:50 B9 Upgraded Engine Isolation Explained
26:20 Fire Suppression & Why Its Needed
27:55 B7 Fire Suppression System Explained
31:15 Why CO2 Instead of Nitrogen?
31:45 IFT-1 Fire Suppression Failure
33:20 B9's 15X Fire Suppression Upgrade
39:55 Raptor Engine Startup Failures
40:45 IFT-2 B9 Performance Analysis
45:35 FTS System Upgrade
49:05 Hot Staging???
49:40 Outro & End Credits

Music Credits

0:01 Spaceflight Memories - Saving Starship (Orchestral)
1:24 "Do You Remember" prod. by kochetkovv    • Do you remember?  
5:13 Spaceflight Memories - Electronic TVC
7:18    • World War Outerspace  
12:24    • Grasshopper  
15:00    • Slow Burn  
17:06    • Gently, Onwards  
20:44    • Cut and Run - Electronic Hard  
23:00    • Timelapsed Tides - Asher Fulero  
27:52    • Aurora Currents  
31:46    • 10 Minutes of YouTube Sci-fi Premiere...  
33:12    • A Hand In The Dark  
35:49    • Mission to Mars  
40:56 Spaceflight Memories - Saving Starship
43:19 Spaceflight Memories - Floating
44:39 Spaceflight Memories - Last Sunset
45:58    • Unrest  
49:41 Beat from The Last Song Produced by Ghost

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  • @Merlin1A
    Marcus House, Scott Manley, WAI, and NASA Spaceflight are all wonderful sources, but your channel brings the best technical detail breakdowns. Your work is phenomenal; keep it up!
  • @DavJumps
    You kept it professional this time, with no silly characters ... and I for one, think that worked just fine. Great deep dive — much appreciated. Looking forward to part two!
  • @danielrioux6410
    From an aviation guy's perspective here, I love the detailed breakdown. I've worked in manufacturing, engineering, planning and production and I can appreciate the details you've put into this video. Finally I get to see what's going on!
  • @StingerNSW
    Thanks Zac for the Deep Dive and everyone who contributed to the episode 👍 Bring on Part 2 🚀
  • @NickedBlade
  • One thing I really like about this channel is the way you give all the sources of footage a call out at the end of each video, surprisingly few do this instead just listing it in the video description. Once again a very thorough analysis of what turned out to be a huge improvement over ITF-1. The amount of time required to put these presentations together is huge and it's much appreciated.
  • My guilt grows with every episode, that i havent made a donation to you yet. It gets better and better! The details, what you focus on, the cgi, the pictures you choose, the cool music...
    Its really premium content and despite i usually i never donate for content, i will do soon for you. This is simply the coolest, most understandable starship channel of all. The amount of work you put in here is insane.
  • @billhart9832
    Zack, missed your unique in-depth coverage and intimate detail that only an engineer can bring. You Rock!
  • @djredrover
    This is just incredible detective work mate! You don't miss, ever.
  • @TexanMiror2
    Incredible analysis. I was wondering why this episode was so short, when I ended up seeing I had just watched a 51 minute long video lol
    Your videos have become an absolutely irreplaceable part of understanding what really happens at Starbase - nobody else covers this like you do. Can't wait for the next one!
  • @m1shuC
    Disgusting how the media dismissed the huge amount of work and innovation by thousands and thousands of people in calling ITF2 a failure... Absolutely disgusting and pathetic, but nothing new...

    Great video and great details, Zack! Thank you! 🚀
  • @togia111
    CSI Starbase, you rule! As an engineer not in the space industry, but very interested in Starship. This is by far the best content. Thank you and please don't stop doing what you're doing.
  • @TaurusSpace
    Absolutely love these deep dives! Thank you so much for all the hard work needed to complete these 😄
  • @AlienVibesss
    It sucks that I had to leave last night while waiting for the premiere, but I finally got to watch it. This was an amazing episode, Zach! I always leave the video with more knowledge than I came to it with. Thank you so much for these deep dives, and giving the community such an insane level of information. We appreciate you more than you'll ever know.
  • @joesmitg5589
    This content doesn't happen I know with out all the people with the cameras, but this really is the best space content out there.
  • @refurbansuburban
    My materials science professor used to say "The difference between detonation and deflagration? In deflagrations you get big pieces and in detonations you get little pieces" Deflagrations feature a traveling flame front slowly building up pressure, and you get big pieces as seams give way. Detonations are the simultaneous explosion of all reaction materials, so it blows apart the vessel into little pieces. Thanks, Stage Zero Zack, for a great job documenting the little details that make your productions unique. Can't wait for Part 2!
  • @JacquesZahar
    Kudos to Zach, who painstakingly located all the glitches frame by frame in the available footage. Your attention to details is second to none.
    Very nice and detailed 3D renderings from your team too.
    Space is hard, and now we know why