Paralyzed man walks after bluetooth connects his brain and spine

Published 2023-05-24

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  • S3Rg3
    After 12 years of paralysis, his muscles are severely deconditioned. I'd love to see his progress as his muscle strength improves. What an amazing accomplishment!
  • goodguy
    This is incredible. Wow. What a time to be alive! Congratulations to the team behind this, and to the patient of course!
  • YouFoundNemo
    I’m in awe and praying they keep making progress with this. There’s so many people they could help.
  • Zoinkin
    Imagine being told you will NEVER walk again. Just the ability to stand up and give someone you love a hug is something that so many of us take for granted. This is truly amazing and once again speaks volumes about the doctors dedicating their lives to helping us♥️
  • Samuel B
    This is absolutely unreal! This is such an accomplishment. Bravo to everyone who worked on this.
  • What a time to be alive!! Great job to the team for such an amazing accomplishment. The future is now! I look forward to seeing more success stories in the near future. I'm hoping there will be government programs that will allow low-income families to benefit from this as well. Great job, everyone 🎉
  • NJ
    This is an excellent development towards medical science. Kudos to the whole team involved
  • Ricardo Pelayo
    Ain't no way we're already starting to connect our bodies like this. It's insane
  • Darryl H
    This is simply amazing, the people who worked on this deserve a worldwide applause.
  • Absolutely amazing!
    Thanks to everyone involved with this project, your work is appreciated!❤
  • Nevin Millan
    This is amazing!!! Congrats to everyone involved, especially the patient. Well done 👍🏽 🔥👏🏽
  • Nittroll
    I'm so happy to see this medical progress. I hope it matures to a reliable state, and helps all the people that need it. Blessings for this man's recovery, and for all the team involved, and for the rest of the beings that suffer in this world. May the healing and recovery come for all.
  • Andy Dougy
    Feels like a turning point moment for anyone with spinal injuries limiting their movement. Incredible work.
  • RA JO
    It really is hard not to cry at what this must mean for this man. More of this please…using technology to improve people’s lives, not destroy them on social media.
  • Niklas Schmitt
    I hope they can help a lot more people with this! ❤️
  • Faiith_music
    Now THIS is what I looked forward to when I thought about the future as a kid! So excited for his journey to recovery and props to the amazing scientists behind this
  • Natalie Woolf
    I’m actually crying so hard. I haven’t seen my mom walk in over 2 years. I know this stuff is still very experimental and likely won’t be available in time for my mother to walk again, but the thought that some day some other family won’t have to go through what we’ve experienced is a very powerful one. I hope this technology flourishes!!! 🤞🏻🤞🏻
  • Joe Tierney
    There's another version of this that connects at the spine just above the break and then just below. He appeared to have a better result, but that was a year ago and a different person. It's great to see spinal paralysis finally being cured!
  • This is wonderful~! I seriously doubt if he cares whether it is ever miniaturized or not. Thanks to all who are working on this. May it get to as many paralyzed people as possible in the soonest amount of time possible. I think we'd all chip in to a Go-fund me for that~!!
  • Ephemeral
    This is wholesome! I love seeing people being kind and supportive to each other. It makes me feel happy and hopeful. There is so much goodness in the world, and we should celebrate it every day. This is wholesome!