Mom is too noisy

Published 2022-04-06
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All Comments (21)
  • doliio volay
    I love the fact that Maya makes sure that everything is perfect for Bella all while also getting her to try some of her messy things. So cuteee
  • Karylle Sisgon
    love the fact that maya wants everything perfect for bella even though she's messy herself haha
  • Rae Bailey
    I can relate to Bella. I suffer from time anxiety, and sometimes I just lose it. I like how Maya accepted Bella for who she was and they wouldn't let their moms arguing stop them from continuing their relationship.
  • I like how slowly MSA is showing real diseases, LGBTQ+, and more animation skills in their videos. It's now interesting to watch these stories. I use to watch you back before you were famous, and now I seeing how your channel is growing, and having 10.2 million subscribers. Love the content.😊
    Edit:Thanks for so many likes.
  • Jeff C
    I love how they went from enemy’s to lovers, and I’m glad it wasn’t a boy this time
  • Verzium
    I love how they are mentioning mental disorders in their stories, it helps people understand what they are and how they affect the person
  • Ar!3s
    I struggle with OCD too and it can be hard. So thanks for letting the world know that ppl with OCD are like that. Thanks for helping others understand
  • Fabian Okoro
    I love the fact that Maya makes everything perfect for Bella
  • SUNITA Saini
    I wish I could get a friend like Maya 😁
    I love that Maya tries making everything perfect and in order for Bella
  • J P
    this whole story is just " enemies to friends to rivals to lovers " and honestly i love it .
  • S & L Gaming
    I love how maya makes sure bellas OCD is taken care with at the end lol
  • Me, my dad, and my brothers also have OCD. So I can relate on how it feels to make sure everything's perfect and neat.👍
  • None
    I can totally relate to everything Bella does I do the same things lol
  • Val
    I LOVE the voice actor of MSA she expresses everything so well !
  • The part where she thought the building was tilting if I were there I would’ve just laughed and explain to her that it’s not gonna fall She’s so cute😊
  • Belle
    I know people always talk about the good animation and I personally think it’s good too, but can we have one moment to appreciate the new animation? Sure it’s not as good as the “good” one but I think the new animation is amazing! Whoever animated that, good job and welcome to the msa community!!
  • Margaret Carroll
    This is almost exactly what happened to me and my friend Fiona. We would be enemies first and then become friends then enemies again! But we never became lovers. She was more of a sister to me :)